Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty

  • Genre: Sons of Liberty
  • Release Date: 2015-01-25
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 4
  • iTunes Price: USD 17.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 19.99
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The Sons of Liberty miniseries follows a defiant and radical group of young men – Sam Adams, John Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock and Joseph Warren – as they band together in secrecy and ultimately change the course of history. Calling themselves the Sons of Liberty, they ignite the revolution that will make America a nation. Though their names are now legendary, these rebels didn’t start off as noble patriots in powdered wigs. They belonged to a new American generation from varied backgrounds, struggling to find purpose in their lives. They were looking for equality, but they found something greater: independence.


Title Time Price
1 A Dangerous Game 1:25:20 USD 8.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Independence 1:26:16 USD 8.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Sneak Peek 02:04 Free Buy on iTunes
4 The Uprising 1:26:49 USD 8.99 Buy on iTunes



  • Awesome and fun!!

    By JamesEHvth1944
    I am one of those people who like accuracy in historical events. It's nice to know 80% of what actually happened in any given events. That is why I own documentaries. Therefore with that being said, I am also a huge Assassin's Creed line fan of their series. These games all run based on fictitious characters (Connor - American Revolution, Ezio - Renaissance, Edward Kenway - Golden Age of Piracy). I have come to realize that there is always someone interpret a story in their own way. That's how The Patriot with Benjamin Martin was told and that's how this tale is told. This is one of my favorites already and now can't wait for the 4th of July to come around again to see this story unfold and tell the beginning accounts of how our great nation came to be.
  • Comic Book History

    By Bill from Worcester
    Banal language, plot, and characters. Historically inaccurate. Absolute dribble.
  • Didn’t know Oliver Stone owns the History Channel

    By LOS222222222
    Fast and loose with the truth is an understatement. This series is an embarrassment to the memories of the brave men that purchased our freedom with their lives. History Channel should be ashamed to have put it on the air. Sad, could have been something great yet is garbage.
  • Excellent, entertaining history….

    By Workin2005
    This tells the true story of the fight to break free from a tyrannical British Government and create The United States of America…by the people and for the people. While minor details were not completely historically accurate (ex. Sam Adams was actually in his late forties), the overall story is factually correct.. We would be wise to remember the sacrifices so many brave men and women made for the freedom we enjoy today. The Sons of Liberty set the stage for American independence. We should all remember their incredible bravery and completely selfless acts of heroism. This true story is not only educational, it’s incredibly entertaining.
  • Garbage….

    By sagesound
    Complete garbage…. This series is an insult to history, our forefathers, and our nation. It's Inexcusably inaccurate. Samuel Adams looks like a 25 year old kid in ninja training. In truth he would have been in his mid 40's during this time period, and there was never a warrant issued for his arrest by the British. So many Egregious embellishments. Inaccurate timelines and a blatant falsification of American History. "History" channel has sunk to a new low.
  • Great Series

    By I Don't Like The Upgrade
    I LOVE IT! The action is great. But, as a history man, it's full of inaccuracies.
  • Love it!

    By jc125
    In the absence of Civics classes in public school these days this is a great way to get people involved and excited about American History. History should do dramatic stories about all the important parts of the formation of our democracy and settling of America.
  • Seriously?

    By woundsandwitches
    All I hear is whining. They dramatize it so that way it is relatable to the viewers. Ben Barnes was an amazing actor in this, as was the rest of the crew. They did a fabulous job on this. I say It is worth way more than five stars, darlings.
  • Sons of Liberty

    By Mark_593
    Love this T.V episodes!!!😍😍
  • Very sensationalized, not realistic and too short

    By Bonanzabonz
    Since this is a History Channel show I expected more. It's entertaining but just not historically accurate at all. John Adams, the HBO series is done right. This was not. Although it does tell the Guage part well there isn't proof that his wife was the leak.