My So-Called Life, The Complete Series

My So-Called Life, The Complete Series

My So-Called Life

  • Genre: My So-Called Life
  • Release Date: 1994-08-25
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 19
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99


My So-Called Life charts with bittersweet humor and honesty the life of Angela Chase (Claire Danes), a contemporary 15-year-old girl, as she chronicles the ever-fluctuating perspective and emotional aches and pains of a teenager trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs.


Title Time Price
1 Betrayal 47:47 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Dancing In the Dark 47:22 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Father Figures 47:39 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
4 Guns and Gossip 47:21 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
5 Halloween 48:18 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
6 In Dreams Begin Responsibilities 47:19 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
7 Life of Brian 48:18 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
8 On the Wagon 47:57 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
9 Other People's Mothers 47:31 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
10 Pilot 48:12 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
11 Pressure 47:44 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
12 Resolutions 48:33 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
13 Self-Esteem 47:48 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
14 So-Called Angels 48:42 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
15 Strangers In the House 48:19 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
16 The Substitute 48:12 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
17 The Zit 47:18 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
18 Weekend 46:29 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
19 Why Jordan Can't Read 47:24 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes



  • Deeply profound & completely excellent!!!

    By TechnoBaberz
    I'm in love with this show as much today as I was in the '90s. The cast is amazing! A drama that is deeply profound and addresses not only the teenage experience, but life in general. Fun, quirky and emotional, this highly entertaining and surprisingly fast paced show is jam packed with life's ups and downs still relevant today. Totally worth the watch!
  • Gen X!

    By AmandaC123
    Happy to relive this eternally incomplete series (19 episodes was never enough). It's a time period I miss with great sadness- there's such great value in the necessary humanity of it: the boxy Motorola startrac cell & the equally uncommon dial up Internet......likewise, how common are phone booths anymore today? There was just this effort needed to exist then, that is so lacking today. They could never "remake" this show, that's for sure. Wonderful, as is!!!
  • Great Show

    By Mewl0009999132
    A great show that portrays real life with real issues. You won't see anything like it on tv now in our PC, sugar coated culture.
  • My all time favorite show

    By ashley4414
    This was my favorite show when it originally aired and still remains. Incredible
  • Short lived series but impeccable longevity

    By princesspaste
    When My So-Called Life aired in 1994, I wasn't listening to my walkman or lacing up my brand new Doc Martens- I wasn't even born yet. However, I saw this show on Sundance a few months ago, and it intrigued me. I was first won over by the characters. How real they seemed. What makes this series stand out from many others is how true and sincere it is. With every episode's plot, the genuine dialogue from character to character, and the almost perfect depiction of emotions that were conveyed, I could easily relate to. Ever episode is a story about life, and it depects a teenager's life truthfully without adding the useless nonsense that we see today. It was an escape for me, to go watch the lives of other kids my age and say, "yeah, I felt like that before!" instead of watching Gossip Girls and feeling that nothing close to what goes on in that show has ever happened to me. Yes, it's set in a different decade than the one we're living in now, but it doesn't matter-everyone experiences the same feelings and problems Angela, Rayanne, Rickie, Jordan, Sharon, and even parents Graham and Patty experience. I'm only sixteen, but this show has impacted my life hugely, and I'll never forget it.
  • Still amazing, but this copy looks like VHS!

    By splig
    I loved this show when it was on and was so happy to see it available to buy. Having purchased the entire series on iTunes, I was bitterly disappointed at the picture quality. Yes, I understand that its not HD, but it doesn't even look like a good digital transfer. Did Apple use a VHS copy?
  • The best thing about that

    By Pitfall origin
  • Ugh yes

    By wiretangle
    Probably my favorite show EVER
  • Wow🤗

    By Myaamber2
    As a person that was born in The early 2000's I can relate to this show. I've just entered high school and everything Angela says it something I would say or have said. To anyone that is worried about the fact that it's not about your generation don't let that stop you from watching the one of the greatest tv shows ever.
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    By Kimmi Denise
    No words can describe how awesome this show and ensemble are!!