Falling Skies, Season 5

Falling Skies, Season 5

By Falling Skies

  • Genre: Falling Skies
  • Release Date: 2015-06-28
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Falling Skies 441584008
  • iTunes Price: USD 15.99


The final battle begins as Falling Skies returns for its last season. As season five opens, all breed of beast and mutant are running rampant on earth, and humans are now ready to fight against the enemy. Tom and the 2nd Mass are filled with rage, ready to destroy the enemy in an all-out battle to determine the fate of Earth.



  • A lackluster production all around

    By TricksRforKids
    This show has only gotten worse since season one. Shame.
  • Don’t buy

    By JeffyAhrens
    I loved this show when it started. Then it kind of got bad but was seeming to be getting better again. I hoped it would rise to it’s potential for greatness for the last season but I have been disappointed. There are occasional moments that are enjoyable and seem back on track, but usually doesn’t last more than a few minutes. The story is inconsistent and all over the place. And have some very cheesy soap opera like dialog. The writing is just plain bad. They forget about past storylines and details and have characters drastically change for no good reason. When I heard the show was cancelled I was sad. Now I am glad they put it out of it’s misery. I just wished I had saved my money and not bought the season past. As much as i am curious to see how it ends, watching it may be more painful than not having closure.
  • Entertaining...

    By MTeaNest
    ...but it could have been so much more. For some reason, the writers veered away from a taut militia/wwII resistence theme to more of a soap opera. It felt like they had run out of ideas and needed filler to round out 5 seasons of episodes. Furthermore, if soap opera drama was needed, at least have it lead to an outcome that is unexpected; instead everything was tied up neatly and predictably. The final episode was down right ho hum. The actors save it from being a total bust. They are all really good, but I thought Maxim Knight was really outstanding.
  • Failing Expectations

    By Fyreking
    This is what happens when you commit good writers, good actors, competent special effects. excellent story line with reasonable premise, just not enough episodes to wring out the story . There is an absolute speed limit on plot. The auidence accepted the rapid progression of plot the first three years but the cracks were too deep and too important. SG1 and Battlestar Gallactia could only wish for the technical wizardry in the Asheni toolbox. The sheer number of gee-whiz things introduced will be seeding future shows for years in the way frankenstein becomes the terminator and robo-cop.When The Last Ship is on before Falling Skies the virus idea bleeds thru and of course the aliens would do that . At least on Stargate they already have, and if Star Trek had plot progression like Falling Skies we would be a gazillion years ahead by now. Falling Skies has been a great show and considering the demands on a series today Nothing has come further in as few episodes.
  • Going to miss the show

    By stgtesg1
    This was the most entertaining sci-fi show I've seen in a while very well acted going to miss it it was great.
  • In like a lion, out like a lamb

    By tracercook
    Now that the series has ended, I have to say I was disappointed in this series and this season, particularly. It started out really well, but lacked all passion and any gravitas in Season 5. The show was going in that direction since Season 2, but the final battle was boring and I hate how the writers were afraid to kill anyone of real value. The acting in this show was top-notch, but the production quality went south to the point that nothing seemed authentic in Season 5.
  • Stop after season one

    By JonEwaD
    This show has become a mess after season one, & the series finale was a huge let down. Don't waste your time.
  • The series as a whole

    By T-Wolf73
    {Spoilers included} I really enjoyed the show to begin with. It was a great survival show combined with a war show. To keep it short, the biggest problem I had was with the "heroes". I stopped rooting for Tom Mason around the time he rigged the drawing for going to the moon. It made him look tremendously self-centered.. that he would be the only person who could accomplish the task. Everyone around him were only there to support him and often die so that he or his family didn't. Add into that the arrogance he often showed when imprissoned by the military or anytime anyone questioned him. I rooted for Pope to "get" Tom as season 5 continued. I was disappointed that Anne was back at the end because it just continued the trend of Tom getting everything. Feeling these things about the hero should never happen in a story like this. You want to root for him (or her) to have everything. So like many shows that go from "really good" to "well, that sucked".. I blame the writers (much like many other bad reviews on the show). My reason for the 3 stars is rating it as a whole. Oddly enough, that is 5 stars for season 1.. 4 stars for season 2.. 3 for 3.. 2 for 4.. and finally 1 star for what was a horrible ending to what could've been an excellent series.
  • Time

    By hank2145
    what time does it come on itunes to be downloaded after it has aired?
  • What a shame

    By colinross1982
    This show started going downhill in season 4, and season 5 is unwatchable. None of the intelligence and exploration of the human condition that is the hallmark of science fiction are now present. It's just about extreme and unrestrained violence with no story. Has become disgusting. It's such a shame as the premise allows for potentially continued good viewing and good actors that can can carry a complex storyline.