By William Friedkin

  • Genre: William Friedkin
  • Release Date: 1977-06-24
  • Advisory Rating: PG
  • Runtime: 2h 1min
  • Director: William Friedkin
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 2.99


A group of outcasts from different backgrounds and nationalities are forced by misfortune to work in an oil-drilling operation in South America. When fire breaks out of control, four of the outcasts are given the opportunity to earn enough money to get out by transporting six crates of unstable dynamite through miles of jungle in two ancient trucks.



  • A Real “Killer” B Movie (one of 237!)

    By D. Scott Apel
    This review is an excerpt from my book “Killer B’s: The 237 Best Movies On Video You’ve (Probably) Never Seen,” which is available as an ebook on iBooks. If you enjoy this review, there are 236 more like it in the book (plus a whole lot more). Check it out! SORCERER: Once the proper adjectives are in place—harrowing, grim, suspenseful—there’s really little more to say. The film knows this: There’s very little dialog, and very little needed. What does stand out in this story of a desperate attempt by desperate men is the nightmarish imagery: A truck with a grill like a grinning skull or death mask mocking them, for instance. The creepy, driving, electronic score by Tangerine Dream also adds an electric charge to the thick atmosphere of menace. Scheider is excellent (as always) as the half-hardened small-time hood who understands the value of life far better than any of his companions on this wild ride—which makes the final irony of the film all the more pointed. If possible, watch this as the second half of a double feature with the original, “The Wages of Fear.” Revel in the superior sense of suspense of the first, enhanced by the superb visual imagery of “Sorcerer.”
  • A remake of "The Wages of Fear"

    By MikeDrips
    A remake of the Classic French thriller, The Wages of Fear. Same story about hardened men driving a truckload of nitroglycerin through a jungle. A good remake, but check out the original as well!
  • Edge of seat

    By Gohanski
    Forget politics, that bridge scene had me on the edge. What balls. I think it is still one of the best thrillers ,at least I think so.
  • Lost masterpiece of the 70s

    By HTW
    Buckle up. This film completes the trifecta of William Friedkin's 70s masterpieces (the others being French Connection and The Exorcist). Sorcerer is an unpredictable, nail-biting thriller based on the same source material as the 50s French film classic Wages of Fear (contrary to popular belief, it is not a remake). It was originally “cursed” by its release date just a week before the original Star Wars, which pushed every other major film out of the spotlight, and also because devotees of The Exorcist were expecting another supernatural thriller from Friedkin (the “Sorcerer” title didn’t help, either). Friedkin fought with the studio for three decades to get this film a proper transfer treatment, and now we have it. Fully restored in widescreen, with one of the great early-electronica soundtracks by Tangerine Dream. The plot involves four anti-heroes, including a small-time New Jersey gangster (Roy Scheider) who end up in a Bolivian oil refinery and are commissioned to transport highly volatile dynamite by truck in impossible conditions. It’s one of the most suspenseful films you’re likely to see. Haunting and brilliant. If you love outside-the-box drama, especially 70s American cinema, this is an absolute must-see.
  • Superb Movie & Sound

    By Thirdeyenine
    Tangerine Dream does the soundtrack….oh yeah!