Sofia the First, Vol. 4

Sofia the First, Vol. 4

By Sofia the First

  • Genre: Sofia the First
  • Release Date: 2014-08-09
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Sofia the First 583169847
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99


A whole enchanted world is waiting for you with Sofia the First! In a spooky episode, Sofia tries to keep a ghost from scaring everyone out of the castle. Then, on a trip to Wei-Ling, Sofia and Amber must rescue their families from a treasure-hoarding tiger with the help of Mulan. When Amber takes Sofia’s amulet, it curses her by summoning an evil princess who can only be stopped by Rapunzel. Don’t forget to grab your tiara for some fairytale adventures!



  • Great show - worth all the money

    By gb0923
    This show has become one of my all time favorite shows. The writing appears to only get better and Sofia is a role model for young girls and boys alike.
  • Sofia - An Evil Queen in the Making?

    By Rex Dart - Eskimo Spy
    I know the show is presented with Sofia as this poor sweet peasant girl becoming a Princess, but try looking at it from the perspective of anyone else and it raises the concept that Princess Sofia is an Evil Queen story in the making. Think about it: - How did Miranda manage to get the King to marry her within a single year? (Witch Magic!) - Why was Sofia given the most prized and magical jewel of the entire kingdom? (Evil Plot!) - Sofia constantly changes tradition to fit her comfort zone (Selfishness!) - Why is Sofia summoning the dead (and unborn) ghosts of Princesses? (Necromancer!) - Why is Sofia treated better by King Roland than even the true children? (Mind control!) - Sofia allows her jerky friends into every royal event (Her personal future royal court) - Why is Sofia always chosen in school to lead every event? (Sorcery!) - Why do rules tend to bend to favor her when Sofia enters a contest? (Cheating!) - Sofia seems to snap at people more as seasons go on. (She no longer has to pretend to be nice) - Why is Sofia so sweet on James, the future King? (Heir Apparent!) I know its a kids show and my girls love it. But everything surrounding Sofia seems to get twisted to go her way which is very much like the untold story of the Evil Queen or Lady Tremaine so who’s to say that all her niceness isn’t part of the plan because from anyone else perspective then she has manipulated the kingdom to be prepared for her evil rule.
  • sofia the first

    By Angel rabbit lover
    cool more new songs and friends and even caves and dragons and secrets to be revealed along the way about sofia and her family history too more to come make more mermaid episodes and dragons tales too and of course her forest animal friends like two birds and the bunny clover and Minimus the flying horse too episodes be nice and do a episode that test sofia and family and her forest friends and learn what it means in the truth is more than a lie