Review, Season 1

Review, Season 1

By Review

  • Genre: Review
  • Release Date: 2014-03-06
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Review 810250054
  • iTunes Price: USD 11.99


Season 1 of the cult show Review brings life critic Forrest MacNeil face to face with a series of increasingly ill-advised assignments, including developing a drug addiction, becoming Batman and trying his hand at road rage.



  • Andy Daly is magnetic

    By Dxdxter
    Brilliant writing performed by a brilliant cast, a rare blend of perfection.
  • Andy Daly is the best

    By gws43
    This show brings me to tears every week. It's absolute genius.
  • Cancelled?????!!!

    By ponte vecchio
    The best show on TV and they cancelled it.
  • Great Premise, Greater Execution

    By Larry Dickman
    You'd be surprised how good a show starring the relatively unknown Andy Daly could be, and how legitimate comedy and drama builds from what seems to be kind of a quirky premise where people from the internet send in questions about life experiences for Forrest to review. I swear, just somebody asking about eating 15 pancakes or "there all is aching" creates some of the most captivating scenarios I've ever seen on television. It's a show that is both greatly funny and legitimately engaging. It's so good, I hope it gets another season.
  • Greatest comedy show of it's time

    By Faufner
    This show is the perfect showcase for his unique humor. Great to see something different like this make it to air. After the first five episodes, I'm convinced that this should go down as the greatest almost unwatched show of it's time. If you like great comedy, please take the time to watch this from the beginning, Thank you for making this happen, Comedy Central and Andy Daly.
  • If you don't like it, something's wrong with you

    By The Pink Drummer
    Totally love this show. Hilarious!
  • Second Season!

    By Standup Fan
    This show absolutely deserves a second season, Andy Daly is hilarious and the writing is excellent.
  • Stupid

    By EllieMF
    Fake stunts. Disappointing. Not worth your time or money.
  • The funniest show on TV, bar none

    By treecityfan
    Hilarious. I can’t recommend this show enough.
  • Won't be able to not laugh

    By IWatchMyYellowCat
    Of all shows, how can you not give this one 5 stars? Absolutely hilarious at every turn. Andy Daly is proving to be a comedic genius in this one.