Being Human, Season 4

Being Human, Season 4

By Being Human (US)

  • Genre: Being Human (US)
  • Release Date: 2014-01-13
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Being Human (US) 444893258
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99


Being Human is a re-imagining of the acclaimed BBC original series that follows four 20-something roommates: A ghost (Sally), a vampire (Aidan) and two werewolves (Josh and Nora) who are struggling to keep their dark secrets from the world, while also helping each other navigate the complexities of living double lives.



  • >.<

    By MC2(SW/AW)
    Great show! BUT… What the heck!? Where’s the latest episode iTunes!!! Fail!
  • Bite Me SyFy!

    By Dresher
    Why would they cancel such an amazing show!?
  • Episode 5 appeared then vanished again

    By eigentourist
    Started watching it, took a break to do something else and now it's gone again. Great stuff this season, liking it so much that I bought the season pass, but I'm getting ready to yell at somebody about this missing episode.
  • Episode 5?!

    By Nate Andrew 971
    My all time favorite show, let's get this problem fixed and get the latest episode a marine has to watch his show when he's not in the U.S.
  • Great Ending

    By John waltz
    Great Ending, Thank You
  • Great show

    By DC0SBY
    That didn't need to end but at lease were getting more make up shows.
  • Season pass no longer available?

    By medelle
    I’ve been waiting anxiously for the most recent episode (episode 5) and today I received an email that it was available for download. When I tried to access it on my Apple TV, however, I was prompted to buy the episode even though I have already paid for a season pass. Love the show, but what is up with the season pass fail these days??
  • Where is episode 5???

    By BrettMan510
    I see I can buy episode 5 as an episode, but I have season pass! Why is the season pass not updating?
  • Where's episode 5?

    By RoseC58
    Where is the episode that aired last Monday night? I have a season pass and iTunes usually makes the episode available for d/l the next day. It's been 5 days. Where's episode 5?
  • Where???

    By icedragonslair
    Where is Episode 5 guys, episode 6 plays tonight and we should have it tomorrow...we paid for what??? Deliver or a refund request is on it's way