JESSIE, Vol. 5

JESSIE, Vol. 5


  • Genre: JESSIE
  • Release Date: 2013-10-06
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: JESSIE 461806330
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99


Jessie is a nanny for the high-profile Ross family in New York City, but she’s also trying to pursue her own dreams of becoming a star. Jessie is thrilled to finally get an agent, and gets an opportunity to be the understudy in an off-Broadway play. The kids start a nightclub on the roof, and the whole Ross family participates in a reality show!



  • Horrible

    By 李可明
    I hate this show a lot because it is not funny,not cool and not awesome when Luke break dances in Acting with the frenemy. Seriously. I hope there will NOT be a Season 5.(there is a season 4) Also,Jessie treats the kids horribly and I want to see Jessie treating all the kids nicely,even in the first episode. So that's why I hate this show.
  • Love it

    By Funj7
    Jessie is a great show. I really love it but I can't figure out why other people hate it. People say debby Ryan as in Jessie acts abusive in the show. Shut up cuz that's not true. So don't listen 2 lying lil haters cuz they lie. Jessie is a safe show and I recommend it. Love jessie
  • More Songs❕❕❕ Plzz

    By Supercalihilladocois
    Ya Guys Should Have Ross Lynch and Debby Ryan - Face 2 Face (From "Austin & JESSIE & Ally") Debby Ryan - Taxes Guys Ross Lynch & Debby Ryan - Hey Austin & Jessie (Theme From "Austin & JESSIE & Ally") Good Luck Charlie Cast & JESSIE Cast Featuring Debby Ryan -Favorite Time of Year (From "Good Luck JESSIE")
  • My favorite!

    By sdlugnut
    It is my favorite show.
  • My review of this volume

    By TJPage
    This volume kicks off a great season 3. I didn't buy any episodes from this volume though.
  • Season 5?

    By destiny cookie
    My god! I watched many episodes I hate hate it when Ravi and Luke are still LITTLE!!!!!!!!!!!! 1) I watched season 1 2) I watched season 2 3) I watched season 3 4) I watched season 4 5) NOW SEASON 5! STOP MAKING RAVI AND LUKE LITTLE!
  • Stupid, Abusive, and extremely Stereotypical.

    By Ok like it
    This show is very abusive to Children, Jessie just happens to go somewhere with the kids, then BAM! One of the kids are gone. Jessie really DOESNT care about the kids, also, I find Ravi very racist. Why? His accent, the show also declares how he is from India. It's also even more racist, because that's not his real accent. Shows like Austin and Alley, A.N.T. Farm, and Jessie are monstrosities. Please, Disney, bring back the cartoons. Disney channel was ruined when all this Teenage junk started airing. I really hope Jessie and the other Sitcoms get cancelled, and the cartoons stay and make more cartoons. Shows like Gravity Falls are great, for example, Gravity Falls is the only show on Disney that I watch. Why? It's a cartoon. Disney started with Cartoons, keep it that way! Now Disney Channel is the worst channel I've ever seen, because if this Teenage, abusive junk.
  • To "Ok I like it"

    By Onedirectionfan1998
    I really hope you realize that this series is getting four seasons now, So I doubt it'll be canceld...Just saying
  • 🤐

    By ava -101
    It is ok. But Debby Ryan is not a great actress