The Colony

The Colony

By Jeff Renfroe

  • Genre: Jeff Renfroe
  • Release Date: 2013-09-20
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 34min
  • Director: Jeff Renfroe
  • Production Company: RLJ Entertainment
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 0.99
From 696 Ratings


Years ago, winter came and left. Survivors have tried to build a new society underground, but they soon learn the real danger is not from the ice and cold, but from their fellow survivors.




  • A half hour story...

    By vfxtodd
    …stretched out over an hour and a half. The story was not fleshed out very well. The zombies were not well explained or integrated into the story in a way that made any sense. The idea that humans would "become" feral and animal like doesn't fly. And very few characters to actually care about.
  • Beyond horrible

    By B in NJ
    It sucked so bad, we turned it off. I paid to not watch it. Worst movie I've ever seen beyond stupid
  • Can I get my money back?

    By Not So Anonymouss
    This is by FAR the dumbest movie I've ever seen. The two survivors from the original incident are followed by their "footprints" after camping out for at least 10 hours in a torrential blizzard? The first of many, many, MANY mistakes! The worst one is a guy getting hit in the head with a pipe 40 or 50 times and then is still able to manage to grab someone. Either this guy has gone totally zombie or that pipe was made out of styrofoam. don't waste 90 minutes of your life renting this. Even if your life isn't worth that much.
  • D Movie

    By ....................o.........
    ... just terrible acting and plot...
  • Horrible beyond imagination

    By Cacho Came
    Poorly done, totally predictable and suddenly ends. It’s a waste of time to watch this movie. The story is totally emptym but could have been used wisely if they dig a little more into the Scifi story behind, but NOT.
  • Meh...

    By Jimmysam2169
    Not bad for a redbox rental when you have time to kill... but the story is really weak and the excecution poor. You can see it all coming.
  • OK SciFi movie…as if it was made for TV(?)

    By 991tts
    A couple of things: 1. There are no zombies in this movie 2. The „aggressors“ die quite fast, they are not invincible 3. The circumstances (planet was heating up, humans started to build weather machines to cool down the planet, it went wrong and it started snowing and never stopped) are plausible and credible, there is nothing weird here. 4. The story is credible but predictable. 5. The F/X is not top notch but not bad at all (for a „made for TV???“ movie). 6. It has some gory scenes around the end which weren’t really necessary. Overall, this is an OK movie if you don’t have anything else to do but the story is not new and if you get bored easily, watch something else. This is not a one star movie though. Yes, they could have made more out of this story, they could have created a new story, something surprising, something completely mind blowing but they didn’t. Maybe the budget was too limited (or they ran out of money) but I’ve seen worse.
  • Really?

    By Jasonsadventure
    Right when you thought you've heard the dumbest thing ever, Hollywood comes up with: (a) "the planet grew HOTTER as we burned our fuel" and (b) "it started SNOWING and didn't stop..." The shear idiocy of this makes my head hurt. It's like they don't know that global warming is the opposite of an ice age. Wasn't there a single person working on this film who thought to ask, "doesn't snow melt when it gets hotter?" Yikes... if this keeps up we're doomed as a species and not from hot snow.
  • That went south so fast!

    By RabbleRabble
    The movie started off with an intriguing concept and kind of interesting characters and then everything went south so fast! Bill paxons forced hard headedness, the irresistable urge to investigate certain doom, everlasting footprints in the snow, the "20" ferals that seem to overrun a post-apocaylpse bunker with fully armed people and the cannibal king that cant seem to beat an 18 year old scrapper. You can see the train wreck coming from a mile away and I enjoy a good train wreck every now and again. I rented it for a for me.
  • Waste of Money

    By blueespy
    Total waste of money. Had some heavy lifters but they couldn’t make this movie entertaining. The plot / story line started out nice, had potential, but just seemed to fizzle out once the bridge was destroyed. Naturally, the trio were very prepared for their walk to the other colony, but at the end of the movie, the survivors had almost nothing and were expected to walk days to the “hot zone”. Glad I only rented it but even at that, it was a waste of my money.