Naruto Shippuden Uncut, Season 4, Vol. 1

Naruto Shippuden Uncut, Season 4, Vol. 1

By Naruto Shippuden Uncut

  • Genre: Naruto Shippuden Uncut
  • Release Date: 2010-07-01
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Naruto Shippuden Uncut 319430758
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99


The attack on the Leaf Village intensifies, and Naruto’s transformation into the Nine-Tailed Fox reaches a critical level. With eight tails already emerged, Naruto makes a surprising discovery that changes everything. His confidence buoyed, Naruto seeks a face-to-face meeting with Nagato, the Pain responsible for the massive destruction in the village. Can one boy’s will alter destiny?



  • Awesome

    By Joevotto
    Enjoy it while you can, sooooo many fillers coming up lol
  • Fillers are next

    By I am special ed
    Episodes 180-192 is tomorrow
  • Great...

    By BigLuv91
    I just finished watching this set. I thought it was as good as the rest, but I was a little disappointed with how many flashbacks there were. I could have done without some of them.
  • Naruto

    By rodrigo velasquez
    He finally ended being the hero of the village about time dog
  • Next season

    By Yurban ninja
    Where is it?
  • Pain

    By KillerOfMen
    It is GREAT! I will NOT be a SPOILER, like other reviews, be careful what you read for those who actually are watching for the first time. Next set of episodes due in mid-July, will be a little less intense then these, but still new Naruto :) Leading up to another good story line I believe, and I wait with you for the english translation, as I do not like to read during the action, either.
  • The Anime "B.O.A.T." Best Of All Time!!!!

    By Jmurder209
    This Is One Of The Best Volumes Of Naruto Shippuden Yet! But Why Does It Take So Long For English Dubbed Episodes To Come Out? The Show's Already On Season 7 Episode 343, Yet Dubbed Versions Are Only Up To This Point Season 4! I Mean Come On Viz Media, Don't Neglect Your American & UK Fan Base. This Show Is So Good That I Bet English Speaking Fans Make Up More Then Half Of Your Fan Base! I Myself Have Tried To Learn Japanese To Better Understand The Original Episodes, But It's Way To Hard For Me Learn. So Step To It & Speed Up The English Dubbed Process Already & Make Us All Happy!!!! Also When Is Naruto Gonna Finally Acknowledge Hinata For Confessing Her Love???? Also They Should Make A 3rd Series Where Naruto & The Rest Of Them Are 19-20 Years Old, That Would Be Really Cool!!!! OK, Peace Out!!
  • Yea!!!

    By Photojosh215
    Can't wait for the next one so happy I got it
  • love this show

    By cartoonfan123
    I love this show I hope there are more episodes and can you please put the show Toriko on iTunes please!
  • next story arcs

    this was an amazing series here. i know the next story arc is coming this july but are they gonna continue to release all of the series within months to come?