By Tobe Hooper

  • Genre: Tobe Hooper
  • Release Date: 1982-06-04
  • Advisory Rating: PG
  • Runtime: 1h 54min
  • Director: Tobe Hooper
  • Production Company: TSG Entertainment
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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When Steve Freeling moves his family into a new house in the development where he is the top homes salesman, it looks like things are going well for him and his family. But as his wife, Diane, and his children, Dana, Robbie and little Carol Anne, begin to unpack and settle in, strange things start happening. Almost playful at first, a mysterious force begins stacking chairs on the kitchen table, or making objects slide across the floor. But the ghostly antics soon turn terrifying as the house, or something in it, starts attacking the Freeling family, and Carol Anne is abducted by evil spirits still trapped on Earth, looking to use her innocence to get into the afterlife. This truly frightening film was written and produced by Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg ("War of the Worlds"), directed by horror movie master Tobe Hooper (the original "Texas Chain Saw Massacre"), Craig T. Nelson ("The Invisibles"), Jobeth Williams ("Fever Pitch") and Zelda Rubinstein ("Sixteen Candles").




  • A Truly Great Ghost Movie

    By SeattleMoose
    When your "safe" suburban home becomes a battleground of dark forces it hits close to home...literally. Great story, Great cast and acting. Great music. And the effects still work even though this was before CGI. Buy it.
  • Beware the “Poltergeist” Curse...

    By rosareviews
    After the events of “Jug Face vs. I Am a Ghost”, my boyfriend (Jyang-soo)’s sister, Eun-suh, watched Poltergeist with her high school girlfriend, Tae-gon, and Eun-suh’s boyfriend, Take-ru, and Tae-gon’s boyfriend, Miki-hama, and she read this creepy legend of the Poltergeist Curse...only to realize that IT IS REAL! After the four friends watched this movie, the next day Tae-gon, Take-ru, and Miki-hama all died—they saw a creepy ghost girl (P.S. she claims her name to be ‘Soo-yeon’), fell asleep and never woke up. The lone survivor, Eun-suh, bearing the name of the Korean Ring ghost girl, is constantly haunted by visions of Sadako Yamamura (in Korea: Park Eun-suh) trying to kill her. As I’m writing this, Eun-suh is explaining the horror of her three friend’s sudden death. There was no warning, and Eun-suh witnessed it. She quickly ran away, that’s how she survived. In Eun-suh’s words: “No hiragana, not katakana, not even kanji (Japanese typing forms) can explain the horror I felt at seeing my friends die like that.”
  • Classic

    By Vincent_Vega_junkie
    Classic 80s supernatural/horror. Watch the ORIGINAL. Skip the remakes.

    By haimster101
    Why did iTunes release an edited version of the film? The Classic & Iconic line “They’re Here” isn’t here.. Cmon iTunes, if we’re paying for a movie, give us the ENTIRE movie!! Please release the full version & automatically replace this version😎
  • Fantastic!

    By hapily
    I absolutely loved this movie back in the '80s. Now, so many years later, I wanted to watch it again. I remembered more of the PG controversy than I did of the actual movie. This movie leans more on psychological thriller elements than gross-me-out effects. Even the slower scenes, that let the audience catch our breath before the next element of suspense, are generally very well done. Make no mistake about it; this is the original and the best!
  • Good movie

    By ChickenNuggieMan
    I really enjoyed this movie
  • Missing Sections of the Film

    By TripAway2Day
    While this is the amazing classic movie, this version is missing CarolAnn sliding across the floor with the football helmet. Just an FYI, this version is not the full movie.
  • Still the best

    By Miadad
    I saw this movie at the age of 14; 36 years later and it is still the best!!!
  • THAT WAS A GOOD MOVIE!!! but...........

    By Billy Blamks
    It’s not supposed to be at least PG it should be Rated at least G
  • They're Here!!!

    By RealHonestReviews
    Best Haunt film ever