Bethenny Ever After, Season 3

Bethenny Ever After, Season 3

By Bethenny...

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  • Release Date: 2012-02-20
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Bethenny... 373599537
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99


The sale of SkinnyGirl cocktails introduces some added luxuries into Bethenny Frankel's life: an incredible new apartment, trips to exotic locales, and a larger staff are all part of the perks. But that doesn't mean Frankel's sitting idle; the quick-witted New Yorker is still living life in the fast lane, juggling her many roles as wife, mother, and mogul in Bethenny Ever After. As things increasingly shift in her world, Frankel will have to adjust to the realities of marriage, lawsuits, and life in the public eye. Keeping her head above water is one of her fortes, but even with all the indulgences of the good life, this year may prove to be harder than anything she's experienced before.



  • Beth no longer likeable

    By foxy77
    She was easy to root for as the underdog on Housewives of NYC. Now that she has it all...lovely husband, child, fame and fortune...she is still miserable. She appears ungrateful and her humor forced & mean-spirited. Sadly I won't be watching her anymore.
  • Bethenny is Back!!!!

    By fredleves
    Couldn't wait for season 3… Can't believe Bravo decided to stop after this one. She's my favorite RHW and so much more...
  • Love love love her!

    By sjs009
    Bethenny is the epitome of funny! She's naturally entertaining, she says whatever comes to mind, and she likes to party! She come from nothing and now has some money but doesn't act like a rich snobby wench! She's real, down to earth, and I love EVERYTHING about her. <3
  • Still great...gotta watch it!

    By Berkshires-girl
    If you're a true fan you'll buy it! Shows true reality of the ups/downs of relationships and dysfunctional families. Yes, even yours Jason!
  • YES! YES! YES!

    By NHTOR
    Thank you Jesus for making this happen. Bethenny is BACK! Who is this woman and why is she famous-- watch the show, she is freaking entertaining. In fact it's pretty remarkable how naturally entertaining she is while also being endearing and relatable. I admit, I'm fairly ashamed of the fact that I love this show, or simply this type of show as much as I do. But you have to have a cold shriveled-up Grinch of a soul not to think Bethenny Frankel is hi-lar-ious. The NYC Housewives are so so much less fun without her. That is why I am SO glad that Bethenny Ever After is back! After the big Beam deal last season I wasn't sure. I've seen the first episode and within minutes I was laughing out loud, as ever. But the preview for the rest of the season they play at the end has me gripped with equal parts concern and anticipation for what's to come! I guess we just have to watch what happens....