Sanctuary, Season 4

Sanctuary, Season 4

By Sanctuary

  • Genre: Sanctuary
  • Release Date: 2011-10-07
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Sanctuary 317472354
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99


The enigmatic Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping, Stargate SG-1) and the Sanctuary team are back on their quest to study and protect the strange and terrifying creatures that secretly populate our world.



  • Amazing

    By Luvilla
    I have always loved this show, although I will say I have noticed less "abnormals" and more relationships, it is still enjoyable to watch the show. To those who don't like it, don't buy it. I have noticed that with each season there are those who say they didn't like it in the first place, so why are they buying it to complain about it? Get over it, there are some of us who enjoy the show, so shut up and get a life. Thanks again, I love the acting, I was surprised they actually did a musical, but it did make it a litte more interesting and amusing, how often do you get to see a serious tv show about scary things actually sing about the entire deal. I mean really. Anyways I will stop rambling and say I can not wait until they show more episodes!
  • Cheap Horror

    By Boss302
    I loved her on SG, but this series is the worst SGI I have ever seen, almost worse than Defiance, sorry but this show lost me with the horrible SGI, I mean even Farscape had better SGI than this series. SG and even Stargate Atlantis had very well done CGI and acting. I wanted to like the show but I am getting tired of SYFI Channel trying to reinvent themselves as a All Star Wrestling Channel or cheap Horror channel just because its cheaper to do, heck now they have just as many reality cheap TV shows as the rest of them. Shows like SG and Battle Star Galactic and even Battle Star Galactic Blood and Chrome were very well done. Eureka was another excellent show!
  • Fantastic show

    By M S Putter
    The show is absolutely amazing. Watching the show enables me to escape fully from my reality and allows me to be part of the wonderful adventures experienced by Dr Magnes and team. Each episode competes with each other with a improved story line and creativity that captures the imagination. I look forward to downloading each and every episode.
  • Finally gave up

    By boticus
    I had been watching this show because I was desperate for science fiction entertainment. I finally gave up. It's not science fiction by a long shot. It's just a soap opera. What passes for "science" is laughably bad. And I was willing to give it a lot of leeway. I've read comic books with more realistic science fiction.
  • Fugue, the best episode !

    By Rad99004
    Some will disagree, but I loved this episode. I still watch it every so often. I hope the series will be back.
  • Hooked!

    By Venezia007
    I absolutely love this series! It's a fantastic story about a riveting world, and I can't get enough. :) The compelling characters, dynamic presentation, and obvious fun the cast and crew have make this an incredibly addictive show. For me, this is in the vein of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Twilight, The Hunger Games, etc. Element of fantasy meets fiercely detailed world and you are transported by the story. I highly recommend starting from the beginning to really get the most out of the experience. Happy viewing and sanctuary for all!

    By MusicMovieAndTVBuff
    Episode "Fugue" has to be one of my FAVORITE from Season 4 so far!! Amanda you have a really good voice, can we expect a CD from your fellow actors from the show with this music on it??? Again, I am a huge fan of Sanctuary and will continue to watch all the way to Season 10!!! Cause I know you guys will have an more awesome seasons to come! I do wish that there was a way to bring the character "Ashley" back to Mangus, I cried like a baby when she left. PLEAAAAAASE bring her back, she rocks the show and I loved the mother/daughter chemistry they had and really needs to come back!!
  • The best show created

    By Me likey show
    Since I watched episode one of season one I was hooked and since the show was a season 3 I had a long way to catch up. Then went out to buy season1-3. I'm a big fan of Syfy shows and a Amanda Tapping fan since Stargate SG-1.
  • series very well written for tv

    By polar bear48
    i just love the idea of a whole world of humanoids beneath our civilization.
  • wow.

    By Max P. Sterling
    I cant even put into good words how much i love this show. I have watched others that tried to be like it. Like Warehouse but it just came up IMHO wanting. That is why i pray that there is a season 5. i really wanna know how.... (WARNING SMALL SPOILER HERE DONT READ PAST THIS POINT) the new sanctuary is. and the others all over the world . but how ever it is that place looks nice. So i want SEASON 5 so i can see this new place. i have to admit i will miss the old place. but a new place is what was needed for this phase of her plain.