Sister Wives, Season 3

Sister Wives, Season 3

By Sister Wives

  • Genre: Sister Wives
  • Release Date: 2011-09-25
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Sister Wives 450174900
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99


The Browns have seen their share of drama – from “coming out” as polygamists, to bringing on a fourth wife and her children, to most recently fleeing their beloved Utah home for fear of prosecution. In this season of Sister Wives, just as the family is adjusting to their radically changed lives in Las Vegas, they’re hit with yet another surprise - Kody’s newest wife, Robyn, is having a baby!



  • Awesome Show! Love it.

    By mirandaeross1956
    Really great the way they do this and I love the lifestyle.
  • Great Show !!!

    By Kville Girl
    I am in awe of this show, as it has brought to light the differences in everyone's lives and how they choose to live. The Browns may not be your typical poly family, but I am sure that they represent a big part of the polygamist lifestyle. I am not quite sure how they are managing in the four seperate houses at this point, and am very sorry that they had to leave Utah to continue this lifestyle. They show both the ups and downs of this lifestyle, and I commend them for being open enough about it to educate some of us who did not know anything but the bad side of it. I also commend them for being open and giving their children the guidance to seek life in either a polygamist lifestyle or a monogamist lifestyle, and being supportive either way they choose.
  • Love this family

    By Queen Cee's IPod
    I absolutely love watching your family grow and see how you function. You are all so blessed.
  • Mind-Blowing Finale!

    By Bjt80205
    Sure, we all get that Robyn is going to have the baby. But the last few minutes of the show were absolutely captivating. This family loves each other the way the mom/dad household did that I grew up in. TLC really nailed it this round. But the final 90 seconds was breath-taking. Didn't see that coming, and I sobbed like a baby. Season 4: Please start soon!!
  • Really?

    By Biker Rick
    Who in their right mind would want more than ONE wife? This show is just wrong. The idea of polygamy is outlawed for a reason. I feel bad for the children that have to grow up in this circus! Someone call social services child protection!!!
  • Respect

    By JiddieBiddiez
    Im not into that life style but I do respect other peoples lifestyles. I've been judged thru out my life for my mistakes and I always thought how can people judge me when they do not understand what I am going thru? I do respect the browns family because they choose an are aware of there decisions and it's not effecting me in anyway. It hurts to see how they are treated and how they had to leave such a beautiful place utah but I understand it all. I just wish everyone knew the respect I'm giving :-)
  • SO WRONG!!!!

    By Chowderluv13
    Ok my mom watche-z this show and we both think that it is SOOOOOOOO WRONG ON MANNY MANNY LEVELS!!!!!!
  • So amazing

    By Sooonja
    I really love this show and it is really interesting to see other peoples' perspectives on life. This family is truly amazing and I have a lot of respect for them. They have a good attitude about being themselves and not really worrying about other peoples' opinions.
  • Unique and Respectful

    By nkholt21
    You know, I realize this show gets a bad rap sometimes, but when push comes to shove, this family truly shows a respect for each other more than some other families who are in a two parent household. I admit, I don't know that I could be part of something like this, but I respect them for choosing a life like this, and letting it show like they do. They may not be a "normal" family, but it's their normal, and they're comfortable with their "normal" and that's what matters. They've all shown over and over again that when push comes to shove, they share a love together (parents and children) like no other. I don't see what the problem is with polygamy; it is what it is, and if it is what makes all of them happy, and they can live with it, as far as I'm concerned... let them. They share a tremendous love as a family, and quite frankly, I think some people could be quite jealous of that. Awesome show, definitely will be watching as long as they're on TV.
  • Wonderful Family

    By crystaldawn87
    I love this show and love the family!! I love that they always have someone for support or to talk to. The kids have so many great siblings... .love it!! I could only hope to find just one man and have some kids and have a nice family like they have.