Come Fly With Me, Season 1

Come Fly With Me, Season 1

By Come Fly With Me

  • Genre: Come Fly With Me
  • Release Date: 2011-06-18
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Come Fly With Me 410581843
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99


Matt Lucas and David Walliams star in a mock-documentary set in one of Britain’s busiest airport terminals. Situated on the cutting edge of aviation, the creators of Little Britain return to focus on every aspect of airport life and create amazing array of hilarious characters. From check-in staff to cabin crew, from pilots to paparazzi, and from low-cost airline owners to their passengers, all human life is here – and all played by Lucas and Walliams. So fasten your seatbelts, sit back and enjoy some first class comedy!



  • "We have no paper cup!"

    By Gavinfine
    Might not have a paper cup but you'll have lots of laughs when you watch this show. The characters are spectacular. Judith and Peter reind me of a coupl I know that it is hard not to watch and think of them especially when Judith say, "Well I raised my hand and volunteered Peter." (Watch the show to learn what Peter was volunteered for! It would be a hoot to spend the day with Matt and David and to hear/see the hilarious characters they would come up with. Keep up the good work!!!
  • Come fly with me

    By Moe1973
    Brilliant, these guys had me when they did, "Little Britain USA." As a Flight Attendant, I found "Come Fly With Me." Gut busting funny and we do some of the things in the skits.
  • Matt and David have knocked another one out of the park!

    By HiVi
    These 2 have taken the location of an airport and spun comedy gold with a cast of characters that I promise will have you laughing out loud. Security that wouldn't know a security threat if it walked up to them and pinched them on the butt, a check-in staff that have no filter btwn what they're thinking and what comes out of their mouth when dealing w/customers. A husband/wife pilot team that only exsist bc 5 yrs ago the husband had a 1 night stand and since then the wife has becomea licensed pilot and travels every where he goes just to keep an eye on him 24/7. Baggage handlers that confirm your worst fears about what hapens to your stuff once it's left your sight and many more. I'm telling you download this and Little Britain immediately!!
  • Must be a British thing?

    By Ericdicarlo65
    Kinda of annoying after about 5 minutes. It's a brit thing...
  • Nailed the Characters!

    By JAshleyJ
    Lucas & Walliams always makes me laugh. It seems everytime I travel, I encounter at least one (if not all) of the characters they portray. Will be briinging / watching the series my next trip!

    By fifixoxo
    I have been a big 'Little Britain' from the start! I was really excited when I heard about 'Come Fly With Me' coming out! I have watched every single episode so far and I love it! It defiantly lives up to the Little Britain standard and is truly brilliant.
  • Takes a bit to warm up

    By Dr Tyrell
    But it really takes off after a couple shows. Certain characters are soon be retired for the lack of scalability, but the right ones are getting the attention they deserve. Give them a chance. Television is horrible today, we need folks who are willing dare to be given a chance to succeed.
  • Unpleasant and super-racist.

    By minaloush
    Really, people? It's 2011, aren't we done with blackface? This is both not funny as a comedy and sadly racist on top of that.
  • Why Are Gays So Funny to the British?

    By $uccess Without College
    If you've seen one campy British sitcom, you've seen this one. Granted, it's great to see two guys perform every character. Watching it, I couldn't help marveling at all the time they must spend getting their makeup put on. It's the usual cast of character types, and not that funny.
  • come fly with me

    By Jose Zaragoza
    great show, I hope they do a second season. I love this show!!