Daisy Diamond

Daisy Diamond

By Simon Staho

  • Genre: Simon Staho
  • Release Date: 2007-01-01
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 34min
  • Director: Simon Staho
  • Production Company: XX Film
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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Anna dreams of being an actress when she becomes pregnant. Though she struggles to give her daughter a good life, she fails to unite her dream of acting with a safe environment for her child, culminating in a desperate act that has fatal consequences.





    By Mark's iPhone 10x
    Most American Actresses, in each of their films, seem like they simply are playing themselves playing a role. . Most are seemingly in a popularity contest with other actors, and their own PR teams make it all about them...and not the Character and how well they "become the Character". American Actresses that are "true" artists are few and far between. In this Country they seem to resist doing any work which might show them as a true "in character" actress, with flaws and frailty and all the rest. Fewer still will disrobe. Why? It's a character they are supposed to represent to the audience. It almost seems like it's because studio execs feel that the "tease" is what keeps the men coming back to the theatre. The few American Actresses who actually do understand that playing a role; playing a character, is not about them at all...that's the point, they must convince the viewer that they are "not" themselves, but that they really "are" the character. European Actors are wonderfully different, and open, and fresh, and honest about their craft. Noomi Rapace is a classic example of psomeone who "gets it"; of someone very close to the perfection of their craft. Another one of the best Actresses of all time is Ms.Isabelle Huppert, or Kristin Scott Thomas, or a select few others. Noomi Rapace played this particular role of Daisy Diamond, so perfectly, that despite the fact that Noomi was naked during "most" of this very dark and sad film, did nothing to arrouse us, bt rather demonstrated how absolutely everything else in her life was simply superficial; it just didn't matter; it juust showed what she was willing to do for her child when in fact just the opposite actually happens. The character becomes so despondant that she does the unthinkable and this scene was almost impossible to watch because of Noomi and her gut wrenching portrayal of despair and hopelessness driving her character completely mad. Noomi Rapace naked and engaged in Sex acts?? Many men may run out to get this movie just for that but it won't matter in the end; not even a little; it won't matter at all. Most macho men may even feel physically sick at some point in this movie. Yes, it is that disturbing and Noomi reminds us through her portrayal of this sad character that this film is based on a very real story. Noomi is a great talent and we need many more like her. She makes this Film a masterpiece, and a work of art. So again, Gentlemen listen, at the Films end, all of the nudity, perversions, and sex, simply won't matter at al. In the final scenes of the film one realizes that the sadness of her story and the loss of her world, so to speak, are devestating beyond words. all i could hear was a childs cry and a mother in such pain that I could only sit stunned into silence and sickened by what I had just witnessed and wondering how such good intentions could havve ended in a way 180 degrees opposite of what she actually wanted for her Child. For all of the sex, and all of the nudity, and all of the other, didn't do a single thing to comfort me. Noomi is a rare talent and I hope she has many fine years ahead of her. MJ/Glockman30
  • Powerful script for powerhouse actress

    By Feminine Divine
    Noomi Rapace just wows me. She is such an extraordinary actress. I think this work illuminates her range and grasp of story and character . You know when you see a person in one thing (and they're great), it could be a stroke of luck, they could have hit something they intimately understood. But if you see them in another thing where they get at your gut? It's no accident. I felt several things about this character and story, it was just a really realistic journey (story line), and Noomi's portrayal is hyper real. There is only one other actor present day I think has this ability, but I dunno now because he's starting to do highly stylized HW film. These films are fun, but they serve up a bit of caricature. You're not going to remember how you felt in 5 yrs. This one, will leave a stain. Sort of like Dragon Tattoo - even though they are very different stories/characters. The only thing I didn't like here, was the ending. But I forgive that because this was time spent in a world and story that was believable and interesting. Subtitled but you'll be so into it, you'll get the swing of it.
  • Too disturbing, but great acting.

    By anapen
    This movie was extremely disturbing on many levels. It was also a little confusing to follow at times and you're left wondering what? I watched to the end only to see what was going to happen, but after the 1st 1/2 hour I wish I had turned it off. Despite that, the acting was excellent.
  • yeah

    By chanel_france_123
    Noomi rapace is an amazing actress, this movie is quite nice