Hey Arnold!, Vol. 4

Hey Arnold!, Vol. 4

By Hey Arnold!

  • Genre: Hey Arnold!
  • Release Date: 2011-04-04
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y7
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Hey Arnold! 279562889
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99


Arnold is back for a fourth season, and is still oblivious to Helga’s undying love for him. But her secret is in jeopardy. First, when Big Bob’s parrot overhears, and then can’t stop repeating, a love poem she writes about her football-headed love. Then, Helga sleepwalks…directly to Sunset Arms, with the intention of confessing her love to Arnold in her slumber. Meanwhile, Arnold continues to give advice to everyone who will listen, which isn’t always a good thing - when Grandpa admits he never finished grade school, Arnold convinces him to fulfill his dream – but he didn’t realize Grandpa would be placed in his class! All of this and more, including Arnold’s continued attempts to woo Lila, in Season 4 of Hey Arnold!



  • Best show in Nickelodeon history!!!!!

    By by deluca
    I love these Hey Arnold Episodes! I have almost all of them on my iphone. I hope someday itunes will have more seasons available. Keep up the good work apple!
  • Finally but...

    By mrsdawson
    Yes! Season 4! Now all we've got to do is wait for season 5...and the other episodes including "Helga on the Couch" and others. Come on iTunes, get it together with these episodes!
  • Good... but missing episodes

    By Garblehargen
    It's nice that iTunes has Hey Arnold! on here, but there's still a good deal of episodes missing from each volume -- such as "Summer Love" -- and this one is no exception. Hopefully they become available in the near future!
  • Hey, it's ARNOLD!:D

    By inusgirllovesitunes
    Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...but where's 'Helga on the Couch'? T-that's one of my favorite episodes....*cries*

    By heyheyhey783
    I dont know why they dont play this show anymore???! :D
  • I Love Hey Arnold, Only Problem is...

    By Shalhevet Shiphrah
    Nickelodeon, sell the /whole/ season. This season's supposed to have 19 episodes including 'Summer Love', 'Parent's Day', 'Helga's Locket', 'Helga on the Couch' ... Why is it that so many episodes emphasizing character development are missing? Seriously, charge 3-5 bucks more and sell the whole thing, when are we ever going to get all the episodes??? The point of us being able to buy them are so we can watch the episodes legally (especially since you aren't airing Hey Arnold! anymore). We need them all, though.
  • Review

    By Liam McQuay
    I like Hey Arnold, But can you put season 5 on iTunes?
  • Thanks but not really

    By Waka 1017 do work
    iTunes why don't u have the full season 4 headless cabbie isn't on it
  • Yay! ... BUT

    By SKCM
    I love love love the fact that Hey Arnold is on Itunes, BUT BUT BUT my BIG beef is not all the epsiodes are here!! Where's the Hey Arnold epsiode "Veterans Day" one of my fave epsiodes! The entire serise is not here! Please complete the season!!! Support 90s cartoons!
  • i loveeeeeeee hey arnold! <3 <3 <3

    By Katwhajj
    im 23 years old and this show never gets old, i think that older shows are better than all that bunch of shows they mae now days, shows before u wouldnt hear bad languaje , now is like is normal for cartoons to say stupid , what kinda of things theyre teaching to kids now days, anyway thank u for putting up season 4 , i bought it already, i have the 4 seasons every single show , i love it , and when i have kids ill show it to them , im sure theyll love it just as much as i do , BEST SHOW , ok im done, lol PEACEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!