Ancient Aliens, Season 2

Ancient Aliens, Season 2

By Ancient Aliens

  • Genre: Ancient Aliens
  • Release Date: 2010-10-28
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Ancient Aliens 365961010
  • iTunes Price: USD 16.99


Ancient Aliens returns in season two to explore the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years. From the age of dinosaurs to ancient Egypt, from early cave drawings to continued mass sightings in the United States, each episode in this new series gives historic depth to the questions, speculations, provocative controversies, firsthand accounts and grounded theories surrounding an age- old debate: Did intelligent forms from outer space visit Earth thousands of years ago? Do they visit us now? HISTORY ignites this inquiry.



  • ?????

    By Sparticus the great
    I absolutely live the show but where are the new ones. Is the season over or what? Someone please give me the answer!!!!
  • A Fan

    By Highvoltage78
    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy the show! I was raised Christian, so some of the concepts on viewing God as a physical being rather than a supernatural being is for me, unbelievable. Anyways, I'll keep watching, for now.

    By mprattyh3
    I grew up a strict catholic. Got communion and confirmed, ten years in Sunday school. This show changed my whole way of thinking, and it's about time the rest of the world accepts this "theory"!
  • Anything But God...

    By Kennon
    It seems that this series continues to promote the belief that it is ok for "modern man" to acknowledge anything but God and angels. I say that much of what they term as alien intervention is actually humans that have interacted in the past and present with angels and demons. In a sense you could think of them as synonymous. It's strange that, if you believe in angels being aliens, then you're ok; but believe in aliens being angels and demons then you are backward and uneducated. Are the makers of these shows familiar with the Nephilim teachings among some Christian groups? They say very similar things, they just think that soon a group of fallen angels that will pose as aliens will soon be revealed with ill intentions for humanity. I'm not saying that view is correct, but I think it no less nonsense than alien attack.
  • Awesome

    By KayzieB
    Whether or not you believe it, makes for a very interesting show.
  • Comedy on History

    By Conner Hunt
    This show is probably one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. The "experts" who they interview are crazy both in looks and in what they say. Their explanations about aliens' hand in our history become more illogical and hilarious with every episode. My favorite is the theory that the Great Pyramid at Giza is a nuclear reactor! Lol! I watch it just to make me laugh. I admit that the archaeological parts are pretty interesting. But otherwise, stupid! Funny show but not logical in any way. Those people are out of their minds!
  • Entertaining...but still...

    By Takethechallenge
    I found this show intriguing to watch, but, believing the way I do (I am a Christian), I don't agree with any of it. I'd say its only flaw is presenting personal beliefs and ideas as fact.
  • Mysterious Places don't play

    By wes1480
    i can't get it to play need to fix it
  • Season 2

    By KZA12
    I was very unhappy to see that they had taken episode 5 "Aliens and the Third Reich" off of iTunes. I purchased an iPhone 7 and wanted to download several episodes, but this one was missing.
  • spooookie for Christians

    By jaminxray
    Dont be so simple minded. I have a problem trying to believe in anything that is man made. The bible is man made and it has been edited so many times and also translated to fit the needs of some hidden agenda. by the way try reading up on the crusades and all the ill things the Church has done in the name of your god. The bible is used to hide behind by guess who "man" open your mind and use it.