Bachelor Pad, Season 1

Bachelor Pad, Season 1

By Bachelor Pad

  • Genre: Bachelor Pad
  • Release Date: 2010-08-09
  • Advisory Rating:
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Bachelor Pad 384162694
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99


Nineteen of the most unforgettable winners and contestants from the hit franchise The Bachelor will reunite — under one roof — for the all-new series Bachelor Pad. The series, the first "all-star" reunion from past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, is a competitive reality show featuring the participants living together in a house. The show will also offer the now-single contestants a second chance at finding love, something that didn't quite work out during their first time on The Bachelor or Bachelorette. Each week the reunited winners/contestants will compete in challenges, some of which will be inspired by incidents from past seasons. Each episode will conclude with evictions from the residence. At the end of the seven-episode run, one contestant will emerge victorious to take home a cash prize . . . and maybe even find "the one."



  • Episode 5

    By robinlondon1
    Why the delay? If you're going to sell TV shows - you need to keep up with the on air schedule!
  • Episode 5 more info

    By Lola Rumba
    This show is great. It is high drama with a balance of manipulation and deceit whilst playing on emotions of the players. I complained about the upload of this program and found out that ABC is actually responsible for uploading the shows not Apple. They are contacting ABC to tell them that we are all complaining about the uploads of the show.
  • Missing Episodes

    By KingdomKate
    Thank you for posting 106. I think 105 should be made free to those of us who've had to pay for the rest of it and missed out on that episode. Either way, please post it.
  • Upload quicker

    By Archangel0925
    Where is episode 5?????? Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Waiting

    By Erwende
    Does anyone from iTunes monitor comments? Waiting on episode 5. Patiently.
  • What the heck!!!!!

    By glogo
    Wheres ep.5? This is just so STUPID!!!!!! Almost time for ep.6 2 more days..... I want to see ep 5 before ep.6. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID.....
  • Where the heck is Episode 5?!?!

    By JBarnes228
    Why am I paying for all episodes when one of the episodes isnt even on here? I think that's crap that they didn't upload episode 5 when they episode 6
  • episode 5??!

    By kimmy22
    So now we get 106 but still no 105??!! This is crazy!! I sent apple an e-mail almost a week ago about it and still have not heard anything. I am overseas with the military and can't just go onto abc's website or any other for that matter to watch! This is crazy.
  • where is ep 5?

    By simgio
    r we to assume that ep 5 is not forthcoming?
  • where is episode 5? SEriously, this is just silly....

    By wgypsygirl
    Where is episode 5? I was really looking forward to it and it's not up yet...... And now it's friday, nearly a week has passed, are you going to put up episode 5? Can you please just be slightly prompt with these things?