Jersey Shore, Season 2

Jersey Shore, Season 2

By Jersey Shore

  • Genre: Jersey Shore
  • Release Date: 2010-07-29
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Jersey Shore 340970889
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99


The eight housemates of Jersey Shore are back for another season of GTL, fist-pumping, and battling grenades. But now the party has moved south to Miami Beach, where they'll spend the winter rekindling old friendships and old flames. The area code may have changed but the drama remains the same as The Situation and Pauly D creep on girls, Snooki and Jwoww go gorilla hunting and Sammi and Ron pick up right where they left off. Even Vinny and Angelina are there to help bring the Jersey Shore magic to South Beach. The haters will be hatin', the Ron Ron Juice will be flowin' and Snooki will be Snookin' on this season of Jersey Shore.



  • Best show ever

    By Jerseyrocks212
    It's AWSOME
  • By far the worst show, MTV has turned shameful

    By MastrMeatWad
    Ok, why this is even remotely popular is intriguing. It makes you dumb just seeing the previews. Snooki is gross, dumb, and about every other negative descriptive you could think of. To think she was paid by a college to speak. The show is bad. No positive qualities at all. Watch south parks spoof on this show instead. One iTunes reviewer stated not only is this the best show on tv, but this is what 20-30 year olds are like???? Wow, really? Not true. You can have fun, party, get an education, and contribute to society, they are not. That is nothing to brag about and if your statement was remotely true we are in trouble. Can you imagine.
  • Good Show

    By Wesley Snouffer
    I love this show
  • Jersey

    By Imabarbiega
    Its not lettinq me buy da season nd i do have enough money!!
  • Jersey Shore

    By Lindsle
    It's an entertaining show but stupid at the same time. Sammi is my favorite (:
  • Not better then the 1st or 3rd but still good

    By Vizzy285
    Funny but not as good as the first and third season but still a must have for any jersey shore fan
  • Still Loving it!!

    By Electric Bird(electropop star)
    Title says it all. P.S. Seth Spaulding is a bi*ch.
  • gawd awful

    By Mike Hackerts
  • i like it but,,...

    By Coyne95
    i think i watch because it it somewhat entertaining but i hav become more and more annoyed with their ways,its like they think theyre so cool when really thier stupid and annoying
  • why

    By JolynnLewis
    I just have one question. Why have we become a country that believes that this behavior is entertaining? Jersey Shore is the highest rated show MTV has ever had. Makes me very sad for the future of our culture. At this point though, I use the word culture very loosely, for I believe we are rapidly losing it.