By Nancy Savoca

  • Genre: Nancy Savoca
  • Release Date: 1991-10-04
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 33min
  • Director: Nancy Savoca
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 2.99
From 52 Ratings


Oscar-nominee River Phoenix ("Running On Empty," "My Own Private Idaho") and Lili Taylor ("I Shot Andy Warhol," "Mystic Pizza") star in this heartfelt romance set in San Francisco about a group of Marines on their last night stateside before shipping out to Vietnam. Directed by Nancy Savoca ("True Love"), The New York Times calls this film "intelligent ... affecting ... astonishing," and the Wall Street Journal calls it "a delight ... a romance with heart."




  • <333333333

    By Shanna Bananas
    One of my faves! Such a sweet movie! Lili Taylor and River Phoenix have such great chemistry!
  • Beautiful little movie

    By sabrinaoo
    I can’t quite put my finger on why I love this movie so much, but I do. It’s a hidden gem ❤️
  • Great Soundtrack

    By Traveling_Trina
    This is my favorite River Phoenix movie, and it has great folk music in it.
  • Great movie!

    By DanSmith’sGirl
    I saw this movie a long time ago but have always had difficulty finding it since! So happy to find it on iTunes !
  • One of my all time favorite movies! <3

    By mangosita
    I came across this movie about 2 weeks ago and I can honestly say that this is probably my all time favorite romance movie! I really enjoyed the storyline and I love that you saw a relationship develope between the two characters after a rocky begining. The thing I love the most about this film was River Phoenix and Lili Taylor's acting. They made it extremely easy for you to fall in love with the characters. This movie will make you laugh and cry and I truly recommend it! It is 100 times better then your typical romance movie today and Dogfight deserves to be recognized as a classic romance movie :)
  • One word: Beautiful.

    By wednesdayaddamsrox
    Dogfight has to be one of the most clever movies I've ever seen. The characters are incredibly complex and the story line is unmatchable. The first time I watched this film, I literally sat with my mouth open throughout the entire movie because Lili Taylor's acting is like nothing I've ever seen before. She has since become my famous actress because she continues to amaze me in all of her other movies. I've always been a big River Phoenix fan and this is my favorite role of his. He is so charming. The supporting cast is also phenomenal. If you are wondering whether you should watch this film, the answer is YES.
  • Please make these movies cheaper

    By LannaBnana
    I would so buy this and other related movies of the same age but $10 is absolutely too much for 20-25+ year old movies. If these were in an old video store, they'd be in the $5 and under bin. Living overseas there's a lot of these I would buy. Please consider lowing the prices and making classic movies like this more affordable. (I haven't seen this movie yet, but I'm giving it low stars because of the exorbitant price.)
  • River

    By Riverluver
    This is the cutest movie ever!!! This is one of my favorite movies from River Phoenix. It is soo adorable and romantic. Unlike typical predictable movies today i highly reccomend this as a classic meant to be praised. :)
  • Well I saw it during the 90s

    By MovieFan1!
    And didn’t remember much except that river Phoenix is in it and he’s with not the prettiest girl. This time I almost turned it off because it just felt juvenile at the beginning. Then it sucked me in and I found myself actually touched by his and her relationship and in the last scene...I teared up. I guess that’s love...and a good movie. I don’t exactly even understand their relationship except that sometimes just being there for someone is enough and they were there for each other and shared good n bad moments ...we all crave and need that in life. We all need love no matter how attractive or unattractive you are. N I did find myself thinking after that it’s much more important to find someone you connect with ...then what all us guys think we want.. to be with prettiest woman on earth.
  • watch this movie!

    By Sally F
    one of my all time favorite movies, there are achingly beautiful moments in it.