NOVA, Vol. 4

NOVA, Vol. 4


  • Genre: NOVA
  • Release Date: 2009-11-10
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: NOVA 201015385
  • Production Company: NOVA Productions
  • iTunes Price: USD -1


As entertaining as it is informative, NOVA explores headline-grabbing innovations and discoveries, demystifying science and technology along the way while also highlighting the human side of the people "who make science happen." As the most-watched documentary series on PBS, NOVA programs have defined science television, helping us to understand the way things work while also exploring the social implications of these scientific findings that affect our past, present, and future. Ranging in topics covering everything from galaxies to atoms, the series opens viewers' imaginations to cutting-edge technology that is constantly pushing the limits of the real and possible.



  • A shame Creationists can not appreciate the full beauty of Creation

    By Davidicus I
    "What Darwin Never Knew" is a riveting account of the archetype for carbon based nanotechnology i.e "nature". The diversity of this mechanism in the formation of individual creatures and the formation of an ecosystem boggles the mind. One can truly marvel at the awe inspiring interplay of components in this system we call "nature" or the "wild". We as humans were given a brain to adapt, therefore we possess something beyond the ability to adapt only through successive successful progeny formation to carry on specific traits as being "naturally selected". While we are born into the "wild" we are called to form a more decent and virtuous version of this experience by the existence of our souls, but you can appreciate the beauty and robustness of this "natural world" into which we were born. I have always felt that 23,000 genes and 99% Chimp could not be the full story. To have a cement gene will not create a building as any contractor will relate to, it is the application at the correct moments of construction that leads to a successful building. There are spacial and temporal dimensions to the expression of a gene during gestation. The DNA molecule as well as other supporting components is truly incredible for the result it produces, Man will never create anything as impressive as this, but we can appreciate its workings, even if we are only just still scratching the surface of this understanding. Can I say it, I will, Praise God for the beauty and potency on display! Galileo as well was an all right fellow after all. Nova has hit another homerun! Inspiring another generation to see science as a career full of excitement and promise. There is a little geek in all of us, and some have found their efforts even lucrative when plying their trade to the burdens of Man.