Smallville, Season 4

Smallville, Season 4

By Smallville

  • Genre: Smallville
  • Release Date: 2004-09-22
  • Advisory Rating:
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Smallville 291313624
  • iTunes Price: USD 29.99


Football. Prom. Graduation. Lois Lane. Doomsday! Clark Kent will have plenty of reasons to remember his senior year! In the fourth season of the thrilling reinterpretation of the Superman legend, these 22 episodes include the quest for three Kryptonian crystals and Clark's bold attempt to keep those mysterious stones from destroying Earth. Clark also becomes a highly recruited football star. Lana gets a boyfriend. Lois Lane (Erica Durance) — smart, opinionated and entirely annoying to Clark — comes to Smallville. Chloe learns the scoop of the century. Lionel becomes a straight-up nice guy. Lex steps further from the light into darkness as his friendship with Clark is really put to the test. New actors (Kyle Gallner, Dr. Quinn’s Jane Seymour and Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles), new characters (The Flash, Krypto, Mr. Mxyzptlk) and a new power emerge. The calling awaits Clark an awakening to a destiny that only he can accept and fulfill.



  • Audio messed on on "Commencement".......

    By Basqueneo
    .....otherwise a great season in High Def. The audio in the finale is off key after the opening credits.....almost makes buying the season here anti-climactic! :-( Please fix this!!!
  • Best season

    By Kukhh
    Idc what anyone says this is my favorite season out of the ten
  • Commencement problem too!

    By Superman_fan
    Yeah, I had the same problem with Commencment too, the audio and video aren't in sync for the majority of the episode. The only time it's in sync is during the season recap at the beginning of the episode.
  • FINALLY!!!

    By Junglemom
    Thank you, thank you!!! I have been waiting and waiting for this season! (As well as seasons 5 - 7!!!) .... Thank you!
  • Glad to have all the seasons, but..

    By Deviantjedi57
    ...With the season 4 final episode Commencement, the audio doesn't sync with the video, not sure if it's just me or everyone who downloaded. iTunes please fix.
  • Lets Be Honest People

    By runningham_4
    I love Smallville. I've watched every episode since the start and this is definetly the worst season of them all. The witch thing reminded me of a soup opera, and when they went to China they all of a sudden knew forms of Karate and/or Kung-fu. Lame. Don't get me wrong their are a few gems such as Crusade, Run, Transference, and maybe Unsafe. (The only reason it gets two stars is for those episodes). Everything else is either high school filler or a waste of time. The acting in the episode Spell made me want to throw up. Definetly the worst episode of Smallville ever made (no exageration). If you want to get to know Smallville don't start here. Only us hardcore fans will come back to this season, and even we will cringe.
  • OMG

    By bhjs
    I can't beleive it! All of SMALLVILLE is on iTunes. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
  • Smallville

    By ELiCKY88
    Best season of them all. And not just because Louis is so hot
  • Smallville

    By The ishminster
    (erica durance) as lois couldnt be sexier
  • Thank you!

    By Jasonmck
    I'm so happy they finally got all the seasons of smallville on iTunes!!