Make It or Break It, Season 1

Make It or Break It, Season 1

By Make It or Break It

  • Genre: Make It or Break It
  • Release Date: 2009-06-22
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Make It or Break It 319106814
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99


Make It or Break It is a relationship drama set in the high-stakes world of competitive gymnastics. The series follows a group of elite teenage gymnasts as they deal with parents, boyfriends, coaches, rivalry, and betrayal. Payson is the extremely focused, serious gymnast. Kaylie comes from a privileged background and doesn't think the team's rules apply to her. Lauren is highly competitive and will stop at nothing to win. Newcomer Emily attracts the attention of everyone when she arrives at the gym wearing an old leotard with gymnastics moves beyond compare. Don’t miss even one episode of this exciting new series!



  • @ trev wonders...

    By Spiez83
    I am sorry you feel that way, but please if you are going to write a bad review on a show you need to put more reasons why it is bad other than it is "stupid" and your favorite tv show ever got canceled
  • LOVE!

    By BriBabyBabyBaBY
    This is my all time favorite show!im so ecited to buy it!!:)
  • Listen up everyone!!!

    By LaLaLa_Suzie
    You all may think that buying this app is the best way to watch it,,,I have watched all the episodes for free on a different app...just search "ABC family" and the app with an orange circle that says abc inside of it is don't have to pay to watch them:)I love the show and that's how I always watch my shows...they also have a variety of shows like Jane by design, Melissa and Joey,,,and a lot more:))))
  • Love it

    By Catsarecool1993
    Great show! Needs to come back NOW!
  • Luv

    By mc11
  • Make It Or Break It

    By Gen.Whale
    I strongly dislike Lauren. But this sjow is amazing! My fave is kaylie
  • Sorry it's a long review but don't just stop in the middle. Finish reading to the end

    By melissa_anne33
    Not to spill the beans or anything, but although I ABSOLUTLY adore make it or break it I still critique. In season one, Kaylie Cruz in fact DID tell carter she loved him, several times actually. In season three, when kaylie is dating Austin and he tells her he loves her, kaylie talks to Kelly Parker. She tells Kelly that she has never told anyone that she loves them, not even carter. That was a lie! Here's my review. I love make it or break it!! I am not a total fan of season one or some of the characters, but it wouldn't be the same story without each and every single character. I love Payson, Kaylie, Lauren, and Emily and that is the order I like them in. Not to be mean or anything but I'm not the biggest fan of Emily. She doesn't follow the rules is inconsistent and somewhat undependable. However, her free spirit and passion for her career and family is phenomenal! Lauren is a terrific gymnast and truly becomes a better person throughout the series. Her attitude is somewhat repulsive however, her drive to succeed is of high magnitude. Kaylie is a girly girl which I'm not too fond of but, she is an impressive gymnast who is a true friend. She an honest person and never seems to feel she's good enough. Some people may portray kaylie as a weak un-powerful gymnast, and while that may partly be true she is inspirational and strong. She stands up for herself and even though she may seem over emotional you have to think, who isn't? I mean with everything these girls go through what could you expect? Payson is an amazing gymnast who strives for excellence. She lied to her mom about something that just about ruined her career. She discovered when rebuilding herself that grace and beauty comes from within. To be a truly successful gymnast you need to be just as artistic as Kaylie, graceful and beautiful, girly you could say yet as powerful and strong as Lauren an Payson. This is a truly inspirational and wonderful series that won't disappoint you. Sure there is a lot of romance and not as much gymnastics as some may hope. But you have to realize that make it or break it is about these girls' journey to the Olympics, their problems and struggles they have to go through, not to mention the importance of friends and team. There is a great deal of competitions and gymnastics in this show, if there wasn't there wouldn't be a point to the show. But don't complain that there isn't a lot of actual gymnastics in make it or break it. If your looking for straight up competitions and nothing else, go on you tube and look up the women's national gymnastics championships or whatever other competition. Season one isn't my favorite season, it's kind of boring and dry but if you keep watching you won't be disappointed. The first season is good to watch to get a base of all the drama and secrets of these girls but trust me, it gets better. I just like any other make it or break it lover am disappointed make it or break has ended but we can cherish what is here.
  • Totally worth buying!

    By Katelynn4241
    Make It Or Break It is totally worth buying, especially if you are into watching gymnastics and drama! This is by far, my favorite show on ABC Family! ( My second favorite show is The Secret Life of the American Teenager!!!) So, I would really reccomend buying this season.
  • Worth every penny!

    By alyyyyyyy16
    This show is literally my obsession. I really really hope they make a third seasonn! :D (I <3 Austin.) lol
  • to much

    By sssss432156790
    i thought their was way to muh romance! get to the gymnastics