Star Trek: The Original Series , Season 3

Star Trek: The Original Series , Season 3

By Star Trek: The Original Series (Remastered)

  • Genre: Star Trek: The Original Series (Remastered)
  • Release Date: 1968-09-20
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Star Trek: The Original Series (Remastered) 419241905
  • iTunes Price: USD 34.99


The sounds, the look, and all-new digital effects that hold close to the spirit of the original are all here in the critically-acclaimed remastered editions of the classic Star Trek series of the 1960s. Available in their full-length, original format without the cuts of syndicated television, the vivid remastered versions make Star Trek new again, without compromising what made the show a pioneer of modern, continuing-character science fiction. In the first chapter of the television series that started a cultural phenomenon, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy project the best of humanity into the 23rd century with compassion, boldness, and a curiosity to meet the unknown. For more than 40 years, viewers hungry for optimism have found inspiration from Gene Roddenberry's visionary allegory, hooked on the thought-provoking morality tales, the humor, the romance, the philosophy, and the inspired gadgetry aboard the first U.S.S. Enterprise.



  • @#%&$!!!!!

    By F3RRET
  • Awesome!

    By schwinnschwinn555
    I think Star Trek is AWESOME! The characters, the stories, I get excited every time I get to see an episode I haven't seen yet. By the way, I'm talking about Star Trek the original series. It's too bad they only made 79 episodes, I can' t wait to see "The Cage"!
  • Error 5002?

    By imaginager
    You're losing money, iTunes. I can download music. But, every time I try to download any Trek episodes I get error 5002...
  • Gone Too Soon

    By VaderTheTrader
    The final season of a show that had the longevity to still be popular 50 years later. At the time I'm writing this review the seasons are on sale for 19.99 each so it's impossible to pass up grabbing all 3 seasons. Loved it as a kid, still love it now and excited to own it in HD forever!
  • Pretty good, but something's wrong here

    By LaughingGodzilla
    OK, I'll try to be calm about this season being that it is goofy at times. 1) Spocks Brain- even though the effects are improved, that's all I could say about this mess 2) The Enterprise Incident- THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A VULCAN DEATH GRIP!!!!!! Anyway, not much of a fan of this episode, the lady who played Catwoman from Adam West's Batman is the Romulan Commander, and the effects are improved on 3) The Paradise Syndrome- [smacks head in embarassment] read the description of Spock's Brain for further details 4) And the Children Shall Lead- It's OK. By the way, the entity in this film was played by a lawyer and his kid was one of the children with powers 5) Is There In Truth No Beauty?- Nope, not with this episode there isn't. 6) Spectre of the Gun- This is a pretty good episode with improved effects and.....wait a minute. Bones, what are you doing back in Tombstone? [for those who don't know what I'm talking about I'll explain. DeForest Kelley was in Gunfight at the O.K. Corall and he appeared in this episode] 7) Day of the Dove- pretty good episode and the effects are improved (not on the entity, but on the Enterprise firing on the Klingon ship...though why wasn't there an explosion sound effect?] 8) For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky- nope, not a fan 9) The Tholian Web- actually pretty good, the effects are improved and the story's great (they never changed the Tholians by the don't expect CGI crab-like things from Enterprise) 10) Plato's Stepchildren- pretty good episode and the first interracial kiss on television and wait a minute [music interupts].....who's that? [Camera zooms in on Alexander] Oh my gosh! It's Doctor Miguelito Loveless from Wild Wild West (which I hope Apple will upload for that very reason)!!!!!! 11) That Which Survives- an OK episode, not much to say about it 12) The Empath- a disturbing but good episode nonetheless1 13) Elaan of Troyius- see my comment for Spock's Brain for this one 14) Whom Gods Destroy- "SILENCE!" [smacks head against wall due to embarassment of episode] NEXT! 15) Let That Be Your Last Battlefield- Riddle Me This, Jim Kirk! What do you get when you have a good episode with good effects and a good moral? This episode. MUWHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUH!!!!! [sorry for the bad Riddler laugh on there :( Oh, well.] 16) The Mark of Gideon- please refer to my comment on Spock's Brain for this one 17) The Cage- Oh wait, that's right. Silly me, Apple didn't upload it yet. WHY?!?! It aired on TV in syndication with the original show. Why not upload it here? Sheesh! 18) The Lights of Zetar- hmph......not really a fan 19) Requiem for Methuselah- it's an OK episode and that the same prop for Nomad? 20) The Way to Eden- "Yay, brother." "Herbert, herbert, herbert, herbert!" "I cracked my knuckles and jumped for joy. I got a clean bill of health from Dr. McCoy!" [smacks head due to embarassment til mental hospitalization was a priority] NEXT! For the love of- 21) The Cloud Minders- uh, it's so-so. Therefore, it's in betweem OK and Pretty Good 22) The Savage Curtain- An Abraham Lincoln in space! That's awesome! But on a serious note, this episode actually did have a good story. So, don't let my joke ruin the episode for you. 23) All Our Yesterdays- the last good episode of the series. By the way, did you recognize someone from Breads and Circuses yet? If not, why? Oh well....the effects at the very end of this episode are great....too bad they didn't have any sound effects during it 24) Turnabout Intruder- Nope, not even going to review this one due to it's utter stupidity that would make Way to Eden, Mark of Gideon, Whom Gods Destroy, Elaan of Troyius, Is There No Beauty In Truth, The Paradise Syndrome, Spock's Brain, and Court Marshall look like Forbidden Planet in comparison to how terrible this is. Why go out with a terrible episode? WHY? AND I DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER WATCHING THE REMASTERED VERSION IT'S BAD (and yet I've seen way to Eden, brother) So, all in all this season was really a hit and miss, the second season mostly had great episodes, and the first season had some that ranged from great to OK. All in all, this series is a mixed bag. But, then came the awesome movies (well, before Generations. It had to take the J.J. Abrams movie to get people back into being Trekkers again). Thanks for reading this review and I say, Live Long and Prosper. Apple, since I brought some things up, I would like to ask you something: 1) Can you upload the Cage? It's missing from this season. 2) Can you upload Wild Wild West? It's got some great stories and it had Michael Dunn, Alexander from this series. 3) Can you upload Star Trek the Animated Series? There's some pretty good episodes on it (except one, Magicks of Megas Two....still trying to contemplate that one).
  • Season 3: A Mixture of the Best and the Worst

    By Seth Easton
    All 3 seasons have their good episodes, but I think season 3 has some of the best in the entire Star Trek franchise, while the others leave much to be desired. I absolutely love that the series was remastered into HD (you can't do that with TNG/DS9/VOY now can you?), but it annoys me that they took the liberty to add in their cheesey CGI effects and new music performances. Part of the charm of TOS is the 60's effects technology and the nostalgia it invokes. Perhaps one day they will actually restore a completely faithful version of TOS. Until then, humanity has this, the most influential TV show ever produced. Some favorite episodes: For the World is Hollow..., Spock's Brain (cheesey, but I love this one), The Paradise Syndrome, Wink of an Eye (pure GENIUS), Elaan of Troyus, The Mark of Gideon, The Cloudminders, and All Our Yesteryears (best episode in the entire series, in my opinion). This series also has some of the worst: And the Children Shall Lead, Is There in Truth No Beauty, The Empath, and The Lights of Zetar -- the writers were definitely off their game on these, and I pretty much detest these episodes!
  • Thank you so much!!!!

    By rockergirl0081<3
    THANK YOU iTUNES!!!! I've been waiting for Season 3 forever!!!! Now I can have these episodes on my iPod! Yay! I love Star Trek!! -Spock Rocks :)
  • The Cage!

    By Scotty92+16
    Saw this on TV tonight and figured it was on iTunes and surprisingly it’s not. Why not? Please add it to your selection.
  • The cage, the cage!

    By monitorboy
    I want The Cage. I won't buy another episode on iTunes without its release. Tell Paramount to put it on!
  • W00TNESS!

    Spock= Hawtness