Bewitched, Season 7

Bewitched, Season 7

By Bewitched

  • Genre: Bewitched
  • Release Date: 1970-09-24
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Bewitched 272626523
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99


Samantha, a powerful member of the society of witches that has lived apart from (and disdained) humanity for many centuries, falls in love with a mortal, Darrin Stephens. Much to the disgust of most of her family, she vows to give up witchcraft and become an ordinary suburban housewife, raising a family (bearing Tabitha and Adam). Never able to give up her heritage completely, the friction between the matriarchal, moneyless society of her birth and the patriarchal, capitalist society of modern advertising drives the comedy over eight seasons and 256 episodes, from 1964 to 1971.



  • And they Return with all!

    By ♥ Mrs. Justin Bieber ♥
    Has it been that long since filming? Well, what shocked us all was The Great Elizabeth Montgomery's Death. It was sad. But don't be! And watch Samantha & Darrin head off to Salem. Even though Endora doesn't like Darrin and she calls him Durwood. Plus extra features with Serena, Tabitha, Adam, the crazy and funny Gladys, Cutey Adam and, of course Darrin's boss Larry Tate.
  • I am waiting for season 8 

    By Ibelive2010
    Where is 8 I love all movies. Funny and Family
  • Love it

    By emmaferns
    My all time favorite classic sitcom. Please please get season 8.
  • Sam!!....All My Stars!!

    By TV Nut
    Bewitched is my all time favorite sitcom. Thanks Itunes for Season 7. The "Salem" saga was a fantastic 8 part episode, which was one of the most popular parts of the seires.
  • Sisters at heart

    By Emili15
    If u don't want to buy the whole season buy sisters at heart. Sisters is the best episode of bewitched ever made acording to Elizabeth Montgomery. Good watch for this holiday season
  • Where's season 8?

    By OwenWardFamilyaccount
    I LOVE this show! A great example of classic TV! But where's season 8? You have all the other seasons, why not that one? If you agree with me click that "yes" down there in the corner.
  • bewitched

    By Judy T.
    I need season eight to complete my trip to the past
  • love it!!!!

    By santafan
    want more please.