The Backyardigans, Season 3

The Backyardigans, Season 3

By The Backyardigans

  • Genre: The Backyardigans
  • Release Date: 2009-03-09
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: The Backyardigans 192438680
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99


Jump back into great backyard adventures with the thrilling third season of The Backyardigans! Join Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha, and Austin on new journeys, as they become superheroes, cavemen, astronauts, brave knights, and explorers of all kinds!



  • Aren't We Missing Something?

    By Meca S.
    There are a lot of great shows from Season 3. Where are they? This is such a great show for kids. It deserves better than a few "measely" episodes. You could at least offer "Tales of the Mighty Nights". And if you're rounding up episodes, see if you can find "It's Great To Be A Ghost" from one of the earlier seasons.
  • Excellent Children's TV

    By Lyra's Dad
    'Backyardigans' is one of the smartest TV shows out there for young children. Very young kids love the bright colours and rhythmic music, slightly older ones sing along with the songs and identify with the strongly differentiated characters. Very importantly, also, it's not unbearable for adults to sit through (I'm looking at you, Barney!) - the jokes and dialog are clever, and the songs are really catchy and well-done. However... yeah - where's the rest of Season 3?! "Tale of the Mighty Knights" (the rock opera one with the goblin and the dragon) is absolutely not to be missed.
  • Great TV Viewing

    By OHMom
    Have to love the Backyardigans! My 3 year old will watch these over and over again. I have found some shows we have not seen before, so I will continue to download more episodes.
  • If your baby likes singing this is it

    By Jennjenn2001
    This was the best thing to buy! My 6 mth old loved falling asleep and calming down to the singing.
  • Love the show, but where's the rest of the season?

    By park222
    I'm 9, and I love this show! I need robot repairman so much! The Backyardigans is a great show for all ages. The backyardigans is one of my favorite television shows! Me and my 5 year old sister love this show!
  • More episodes please

    By Nory I
    5 is just not enough, we want more. I need episode 9, Please
  • Really?!

    By Bumblingaround
    Only five episodes? These are fine episodes but where is the last,last ones. I have all the movies, my son loves backyardigans. But the last two season weren't completed yet. Where are the other episodes.
  • So... Where is the rest?

    By amiliv
    My kids absolutely love this show. I'd recommend it to other parents. It's full of action and adventure. Zero violence. All characters have their own personality that is consistent through all episodes and seasons. Each episode has its own complete story (no reusing/repeating of old stuff). This is a textbook how kids shows should be made (even for older ages then targeted 2-5 years). Oh, and yeah, where are the other episodes? I kind of feel guilty for following my principle of taking off two stars for DRM (and braking my rule of not buying DRM protected stuff -- which I'm going to regret sooner or later).
  • The Best!

    By mega.matt
    This is one of my favorite seasons of The Backyardigans other than season 4. Very nice that you put all the specials from seasons two, three, and four in not 2 parts but connected into 1 part which is all 45-47 minutes. L
  • episode

    By datawidget
    I'd love to get Master if Disguise. My son loves it.