The Larry Sanders Show, Season 1

The Larry Sanders Show, Season 1

By The Larry Sanders Show

  • Genre: The Larry Sanders Show
  • Release Date: 1992-11-07
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: The Larry Sanders Show 257588246
  • iTunes Price: USD 11.99


The Larry Sanders Show takes you backstage at a fictional late night talk show with real-life guests from movies, music, and television.



  • Before its time

    By ExNeddiesBoy
    Before its time and timeless. In many elements of creativity, this show did what "Seinfeld" then repeated.
  • Larry Sanders Show

    By Cheble
    If you have a brain and can gleen wit when you see it then this show is for you regardless of your age. It is ground breaking and incredibly well cast. The writing is funny and the characters are big and clear. By far the best work Gary Shandling has put out to date. If you enjoy monster truck rallies and ultimate fighting videos you might not really get Larry Sanders. If you own a quilt shop and have a large doll collection (both the collection and the dolls being large) you should consider passing on this show. But if you ever watched Carson on the Tonight show or any late night talk show on a regular basis you should enjoy this.
  • Multidimensional and Hilarious

    By The Humanist
    TV has to smack people in the face nowadays to be recognized as "great". We're mired in a world of crap like "American Idol" and reality TV. People have lost their appreciation for TRUE ART, which this show certainly was. Shandling created some of the most grating, obnoxious, self-centered, and hilarious characters in the backstage of a TV "show within a show" while also allowing true human emotion to show through in contrast. The casting is brilliant, the guest starts are brilliant, this was truly a one-of-a-kind edgy comedy from beginning to end. The highs and lows are engaging and heartwarming, and you feel the angst of the players. It's not just another comedy. It's not just a one-trick pony like Seinfeld. Shandling had the class and good taste to end this show as it peaked. This and the original Gary Shandling show were Gary at his best. Rip Torn has GREAT comedic timing, and showed a wide range of acting ability on this show. This is a "Must Watch" for anyone who takes their TV seriously.
  • Not for kids..

    By musiclover2400
    This show has one of the best, most sophisticated writing of comedy shows made during the last 30 years. Smart, witty and hilarious, only those kiddies whose favorites are Idol and Punk'd won't enjoy it. But then, who needs 'em? Larry RULES.
  • One of the all-time best

    By Stone Grether
    The series is one of the best in television history with a "warts-and-all" look behind the scenes at a second-rate Tonight Show competitor, The Larry Sanders Show, with Garry Shandling in the lead. Any fan of Shandling should watch this, as he is at his most brilliant: edgy, funny, nervous, depressed, needy. Rip Torn and Jeffrey Tambor are wonderful, unforgettable co-stars. (And to me, the series gets even better after the first season.)
  • Perfect

    By NYPD Blue
    Just saw the episode with John Ritter and Gene Siskel season 2, their fighting in the green room, priceless!
  • This is the show that rescued us from the tyranny of the lame sitcom.

    By ednamillion
    The Larry Sanders Show is groundbreaking, incisive, brilliantly written and acted, and features the great trio of Gary Shandling, Rip Torn, and Jeffrey Tambor. Oh....and it's really, really funny. I wish that EVERY SINGLE episode was available. How 'bout it, iTunes?
  • great show

    By chongo666
    i actually think i was like 15-20 when id watch this years ago and back then it was like the office is now--cutting edge and f**ckin hilarious with funny as hell characters-great show
  • this show is great

    By HarmonicaNerd
    that character who gave this show one star and said this is for old people is a fool. this show is great, i am 28 so maybe this person is 15 and then i can see why they dont like it. however, i would reccommend the later seasons of this show but since they aren't available get the best of. one of my favorite shows of all time. i feel like if this show was on hbo now it would have been huge but hbo wasn't what it is now back in the mid nineties. if a seinfeld episode is too dated for you then this show might be like the 15 year old says. so you can go get your jonas brothers movie and watch that with your rings, or watch some quality stuff.
  • where is the rest of the seasons????

    By antonioponti
    This show truly is a classic, hits the mark on each episode and i cant wait to see the rest of it. I hope iTunes loads up the rest of the seasons soon.