By Michelangelo Antonioni

  • Genre: Michelangelo Antonioni
  • Release Date: 1966-12-18
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 51min
  • Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
  • Production Company: Bridge Films
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 2.99
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During the swinging 60s, a London photographer believes he inadvertently photographed evidence of a murder only to have the evidence mysteriously disappear. Acclaimed director Michelangelo Antonioni received Oscar-nominations for both Directing and Screenplay for this pop thriller. Starring David Hemmings ("Camelot"), Sarah Miles ("Ryan's Daughter"), and Oscar-winner Vanessa Redgrave ("Julia", "Howard," End").




  • A Great Showcase of the London Scene in the mid-1960s

    By jcooper17
    As a viewer who has very eclectic tastes, I found this film very enjoyable and interesting. I believe that those who found this film "boring" failed to realize that the plot was not solely covering a murder mystery, it was highlighting the fast-changing london society of the 1960s. Side note: props to The Yardbirds and Jimmy Page!
  • Blowup

    By Mycroft.
    Saw it 45 years ago and it has not improved with age. Berlusconi has much better taste and I’ll take Sophia Loren anytime.
  • Blowup

    By wilted owl
    Tense, but slow, boring, attempt at mystery, a nightmarish vision of a shallow or deluded man.
  • FInally, some real films on iTunes

    By Lucas Rotondo
    It's great that iTunes is beginning to offer some classic art films, such as this, La Dolce Vita, and Blue Velvet. This is the content I've been waiting for, and I really hope to see more of it. This is an avant garde film, so it will not appeal to many fans of mainstream Hollywood movies. Antonioni's style is highly unconventional, relying on long, drawn-out shots and meaningful silences with no music or dialogue. This is what is being described as "poor editing" by some of the other reviewers. Don't be fooled by the people ignorantly trashing a modern masterpiece - this is a beautiful film and essential viewing for any film buff. It just requires an open mind and some patience to absorb Antonioni's meditation on media and the disconnected modern world. This film rewards thoughtful viewing.
  • Garbage

    By AcademyK
    Oh my God. This movie is completely boring, poorly edited, has about an hour of unnecessary scenes that add NOTHING to the story, is horribly written and directed, has no pace and is absolutely meaningless. A terrible movie.
  • In My Top Ten - it's number one.

    By Azzure Sign
    This movie is not about passive "entertainment". It is about challenging concepts, every frame aesthetically composed and the lead actor, David Hemmings, a combination of ethereal physical beauty and ruthlessness. It is still studied in film school today.
  • Overrated

    By AddictedToProg
    OK, maybe this movie is "art," but it's really, really boring. What I like about it is that it shows the "trippy" London of the 1960s that Mike Myers parodied in the first Austin Powers movie.
  • Surreal, Real, Then Back to Surreal

    By Frank C 66554321.
    Plot of photograher becoming obsessed with something besides his work, but left with nothing in the end. Not a film for your average movie goer, but then, none of Antonioni's films are. Nice cameo by the Yardbirds.
  • Terrible

    By jderrico
    A waste of my hard-earned money. It has one hour of nothing, followed by a slight buildup to a nothing ending. I'm easily pleased by most movies, but there wasn't 30 seconds of entertainment in this film. Do not watch this movie.
  • wow, disgusted by the bad reviews

    By Fredo Viola
    Have to say, it's been a favorite of mine since I first saw it in High School. I'm really sad to read some of the one star reviews here about such a great film. It's brilliantly shot, brilliantly edited, PURPOSEFULLY naturalistic and quiet (and actually for some this is one of the things that makes the film very special) and as well purposefully perplexing. That's the point. I'm also really disappointed to see that the version here is Full Frame, and there is no blu ray available for purchase by Warners. Anyway, open your minds, folks!