Deliver Us from Evil

Deliver Us from Evil

By Amy Berg

  • Genre: Amy Berg
  • Release Date: 2006-10-13
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 43min
  • Director: Amy Berg
  • Production Company: LStar Capital
  • iTunes Price: USD 5.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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The unsettling story of the most notorious pedophile in the history of the modern Catholic Church, Father O'Grady. Over the course of twenty years O’Grady raped dozens of children across Northern California while the Church moved him from parish to parish. Oscar nominee for Best Documentary Feature, "Deliver Us from Evil" exposes the deep corruption of the Catholic Church, the troubled mind of the man they sheltered, and charts the survivors’ continuing struggle to repair their lives.




  • A message to Catholics:

    By _MonkeyKing
    The most impactful lesson I've learned from this film is that you can be a Catholic and still recognize the atrocious crimes committed and covered up by the Church, and stand up for change. You don't have to give up being Catholic, but the most dangerous thing you can do is to be blind to this problem and go on supporting this kind of abuse!
  • Disturbing

    By dudaoRJ
    One of the best movies I have ever seen. Exposes truth behind the Churche's walls.
  • Eye opening

    By Allamerathlete
    Great documentary.
  • Great and awful...see review

    By dghamilton
    This is a great documentary. The content is awful - meaning that the Catholic chuck should be shot and in public! They are a disgrace and no one should ever pay any more money to the Catholic Church until they right this atrocity! Come on people - are you blind little lambs? I guess so. No one should blindly follow any religion. That's a cult.
  • Heart Breaking

    By dwarde1
    I appreciated the content of the movie, the courage of the individuals and the privilege of being able to witness an incredibly tender and difficult part of their life. I was not as pleased with the way the movie was put together. I can't put my finger on why, but sometimes it appeared to me to be drawn out to make it longer, breaking up terrifically emotional and sensitive scenes into smaller separate portions. I thought it was a bit manipulative. I wanted to stay with the characters as they related their shocking stories. I was inspired by the movie to do some follow-up web research and I think that when that happens I have got my money’s worth from the movie. Thank you.
  • Heartbreaking

    By weirdworder
    This film was heartwrenching and a film that everyone needs to watch. Incredibly powerful. All of the victims who were directly and indirectly affected by this are incredibly brave!

    By Dyer fan
    This is a documentary that you watch and wish/pray that it was fictional.... When one of the victims said "I'll kill his mother" the severity of their pain really resounded with me, my heart goes out to them.... Side note: I always wondered where the catholic church got it's ideology of no marriage, I should have known it was born from financial means, wow
  • Stunning indictment of the Catholic Church

    By Davidicus I
    All I can say is that this is even worse than I thought, not the movie, the subject, it is hard to watch this, but the truth shall set you free as they say, God bless the folks who made this movie, it is a story that needs to be told. It took great courage and strength to tell this story, the victims who stepped forward are great Christians in my book, God bless you! I am a Catholic, I will always be a Catholic, but I am ashamed and deeply grieved. The Catholic Church is gravely sick and in need of renewal. I have never been more sure of this fact, than after seeing this movie and the events portrayed. I do believe in my heart, the Church has been duplicitous and is complicit, in fact I would say Mr. Mahony, he is no Cardinal I recognize, is the multiplier of O'Grady's sins, what could have been a dozen victims became hundreds because of Mahony. He should be in jail for the rest of his years! Mahoney is very fond of the word "effusive" wait till God explains what that term really means! These predators are beasts, I should not say this, but I am sure, God has something special in store for them, in fact, I am afraid to contemplate their fate, I would truly not want to even watch what will happen to them, but I will let God handle such matters. To think they did not even soil only their own reputations, but also that of Jesus and his Church, I tremble truly to think what is in store. I would have just one thing for any priest involved, make a full public confession, name names, defrock yourself voluntarily, and leave the Church and do penance for the rest of your lives. To the victims, I pray for your strength and that God make his grace available to you in abundance, I do believe God can overcome any evil in this world, these men will not go unpunished, do not worry about that one bit, there are things God can do that we can not imagine. There is very little that will stay the hand of God on this matter, rest assured. When you forgive, you are released from the cycle of judgement, God will handle it for you, leave it in his hands. Just focus on the positive, and you will have special privileges because of your suffering if you can find a way through it without losing your faith. Jesus will certainly carry the Church through this dark horrible valley, but it will be on the backs of the faithful good Catholic members, not by its clergy. I do not believe in the infallibility of the Catholic Church, nor the Pope. It is the whole of the Church which as a collective of good souls seeking God, that the Word and Teachings of God will be found, and in this effort infallibility is delivered, not by a Pope or Catholic aristocracy. I am guilty of letting the Church enjoy a privilege of being above reproof or criticism, but no more. The final straw is cast and broken, enough. The Church needs reformation, it needs to be out with the people and not in the Ivory towers any longer. I will make this my life's work to reform the Church, as every Catholic should do.
  • Unbelievable

    By nicklee191
    I could not even believe some of the stuff this "man of god" was confessing to. I'm not a religious man, but I'm most certain that men of god do not treat young catholics this way.
  • Wish I Didn’t See This Movie

    By ppylo917
    While it is a brilliantly shot documentary - I wish I hadn’t seen this. Because it shows one of the darkest side about humanity. Shouldn’t have watched this before trying to go to sleep as it just kept me up all night. Oliver O’Grady was trusted by many who believed in the goodness of the world/the Catholic church. He abused that power and showed zero remorse about who he is and what he has done. Worst part is he was protected by one of the biggest companies in the world - the Catholic church. Who had more interest in protecting its “face value” vs the interest of innocent children. And the Vatican. Shame on them.