The Adventures of Elmo In Grouchland

The Adventures of Elmo In Grouchland

By Gary Halvorson

  • Genre: Gary Halvorson
  • Release Date: 1999-10-01
  • Advisory Rating: G
  • Runtime: 1h 13min
  • Director: Gary Halvorson
  • Production Company: Columbia Pictures
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 43 Ratings


Join Elmo in his biggest adventure yet! Co-starring Vanessa Williams and Mandy Patinkin. Elmo and his beloved blue blanket are inseparable. When Oscar carelessly tosses the fuzzy blanket into his trash can, Elmo dives in after it. He is suddenly plunged into Grouchland, the land of Grouches, stinky garbage and the greedy Huxley (Mandy Patinkin) who hasn't learned how to share. Elmo and all his friends from Sesame Street embark on a fun-filled adventure with one mission: to rescue Elmo's blanket. On the way, Elmo encounters a giant chicken and even the Queen of Trash (Vanessa Williams) herself! It's a grouch-loving good time filled with fun, sensational songs and all of your favorite characters!




  • Daughter can't get enough

    By jtkf0706
    My daughter is a year and a half and loves this movie. From the countdown in the beginning to the credits at the end, she'll watch it over and over. Thank goodness I found it on itunes so she can watch it on the ipad. It will make flying next week so much easier!
  • Elmo! What A Wonderful Actor!

    By JessKicksButt
    I love everything about this movie! He gets to go on an adventure and fight grouches and meet Bug, who comes in a close fourth after Elmo, Abby Kadabby, and Cookie Monster. I love all the interactive stuff and when he has to give the queen rasberries and he has to get to a hundered in a minute. I love how Bert and Ernie are the narrators and that he stopps the movie at least twice since he was worried. Huxly was also a wonderful villian. He was just mean euough to scary but funny enough that he wasn't too scary. He also had a really cute song about if he touched it it was his. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! I swear, he's my favorite villian after the Onceler from the movie the Lorax. All in All, i felt that everyone, no mater what age, should watch this movie at least once.
  • Good movie bad price

    By Fish!egirl1157953
    How does iTunes get away with a $17.99 price tag?! I bought this for $5.00 at Target.
  • Great

    By Lvillatx
    This is really well done. My 2 year old son loves watching this movie!
  • Horrible!

    By TheMartinator
    Nothing great about this at all. This movie sent a terrible message to kids. Raspberries and calling someone stupid?!? Nonsense! In my opinion, The story is lame and makes no since at all, the songs are charmless, and the special effects were crappy. Jim Henson really missed the mark on this one. There were a few scenes that could make you chuckle, and others that could irritate you. It’s worse than Scooby-Doo! Looking for a kids movie to watch, this is not a good choice.
  • I love this movie.

    By Jolovesgum
    Grouchland was full of junk and stuff. It is a great thing that Elmo got his blanket.
  • I remember this movie

    By Why should I worry
    I remember this movie and I still like it
  • Not impressed

    By Ibuykidshows
    Extremely disappointed... I got this movie to watch in the minivan on the way to school, errands, etc for my 5 nanny kids... Ages 4 and under (3 different families).... Now I have 3 sets of parents on my case because not only did they learn to spit or do "raspberries" but now they also use the word "STUPID". I thought the biggest benefit of watching Elmo & Sesame Street was to learn vocabulary with the word on the street and such. Extremely disappointing.
  • So fun for our whole family

    By N!ikk! B
    This movie is a great purchase! Even my husband liked it. Mandy is especially brilliant. Thanks Sesame Street and Jim Henson.
  • This movie is my childhood

    By Should be for kids 15+😠
    10/10 would put blanket back in the box again (I am homestuck trash)