The Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor

By Josef Rusnak

  • Genre: Josef Rusnak
  • Release Date: 1999-05-28
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 40min
  • Director: Josef Rusnak
  • Production Company: Centropolis Film Productions
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
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The barriers that separate fantasy from reality are shattered in this stylish, mind-jarring thriller, where two parallel worlds collide in a paroxysm of deception, madness and murder. On the thirteenth floor of a corporate tower, high-tech visionary Douglas Hall (Craig Bierko, The Long Kiss Goodnight) and his high-strung colleague, Whitney (Vincent D'Onofrio, Men In Black), have opened the door to an amazing virtual world - circa 1937 Los Angeles. But when the powerful leader of their secret project (Armin Mueller-Stahl, Shine, The X-Files) is discovered slashed to death, Hall himself becomes the prime suspect. Arriving from Paris is the beautiful and mysterious Jane Fuller (Gretchen Mol, Rounders), claiming to be the murder victim's daughter. Her instant, magnetic attraction to Hall only further blurs the lines of what is real. Is he the killer? Is the inscrutable Jane somehow connected? To find the answers, Hall must cross the boundaries into the simulated reality he has helped create - and confront the astonishing truth about his own existence.




  • A thinking-person's sic-fi movie

    By Palexand
    The reviewers simply got it wrong. This is a beautifully produced movie with subtle effects, a stunning score, and a story that makes you think more than the matrix ever did. More like a sic-fi Dead Again, but with the smoky atmosphere of Dark City. Long-term, this will be a cult classic.
  • Great noir film

    By R1fter
    Movie is awesome, you should definitely see it. 29%??? You gotta be kidding me guys. Something must be wrong with the tomato meter this time.
  • It has the Queen Mary

    By KatarinaTechie
    This movie is great and it has the queen mary
  • It's a virtual world, bro

    By NRG2BRN
    A neat little sci-fi noir from '99, obviously following in the wake of the matrix with it's depiction of imersive virtual worlds. D'Onofrio's cyber-hypie is a little annoying, and you may be disappointed that the film is a little low in the action department, but it's all about it's concept, which is rather intriguing. I won't spoil it for you, because there is a plot twist, but pay close attention, because you may not be able to accept your perception of reality ever again.
  • Its much butter than the Tomatometer indicates

    By io1girl
    Not sure where the 27% Rotten Tomato rating comes from. This movie is a late 90s cult classic. If you liked eXistenz and/or The Matrix movies, I'd be surprised if you don't like this as well.
  • Really good

    By LatinoPower
    For a $1 rental this was GREAT! Highly recommended.
  • Reviewers Can Be Wrong

    By cosmiccath
    I hate to disagree with the nay-sayers, but critics can ALL be wrong. This was NOT meant to be an action movie. The acting was very good, and the plot was not confusing either– as stated in one review. Perhaps they were not paying attention?This movie was not written for people who are used to watching production sit coms. If you like films like Dark City, this has a similar feel. I found it interesting, good production values and one of the better virtual worlds' movies. I also related to the romantic side of the film. As a science-fiction movie, it was well done and absorbing. The film noir atmosphere of this movie placed emphasis on nuance over action. However, Vincent D'Onofrio does an excellent job portraying two disparate personalities – one selfish and evil, one basically caring and good. His characters are dynamic, and as for energy, his flies right off the screen, so why the dismal review? Sometimes it's best to see a movie and make your own mind up. I find that I often do not agree with the "rotten tomatoes" consortium. Perhaps, as someone actually involved in filmmaking, I am not as smart as the critics, but I think that, just maybe, they should throw fewer tomatoes and learn more about the ART of movie making? This movie was made to present a complex set of ideas and weave them into entertainment. I think it succeeded very well. I've watched it twice already, and I'l watch it again. I suppose I am just . . . naive. Some people do not enjoy thought-proking films lacking in 1-2 second jump cuts and screaming? My suggestion: lay off the coffee.
  • Submersive and unique with a great ending.

    This film has an EXCEPTIONAL ENDING. Along the same lines as Dark City, I found this film to have a superb fix once you reach the final minutes. If you like your mind twisted while watching a movie, The Thirteenth Floor is for you.
  • Thought Provoking!

    By Berkeley Rooster
    Maybe our lives as human beings have similar counter-parts on another energy level...?