Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

By Jonathan Liebesman

  • Genre: Jonathan Liebesman
  • Release Date: 2003-01-24
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 25min
  • Director: Jonathan Liebesman
  • Production Company: Revolution Studios
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 291 Ratings


As a young boy, Kyle (Chaney Kley) claimed to have seen the tooth fairy. He also claimed she tried to kill him. Now over twelve years later, Kyle has left the town that never believed him. He has also left behind the two people who thought he was telling the truth, his childhood girlfriend Caitlin (Emma Caulfield) and her younger brother. And when evil again emerges in Darkness Falls, Kyle must return to do battle with the winged creature of doom he saw that night so many years ago. Because evil is back with a vengeance. And it's not leaving without Caitlin's brother.




  • 4 for 10

    By jeffery bob McMuffin
    it was original but not too scary
  • Amazing!

    By QuoyiaNyquanta
    I Think The Movie Was Awesome! It Really Plays On The Whole Fear-Of-The-Dark Thing!
  • Awesome !

    By law & order is thee bestt !!!!
    Okay awesome movie! But why use a kid's character?? Like Child's Play, a kid can't buy a doll without thinking it will come alive & kill ! Now they can't put their tooth under their pillow without thinking the toot h fairy is coming to kill also!! Poor kids !
  • My favorite movie

    By sweetsydders
    I loooove this movie! It's not scary, but I love the story & the characters. Buy it (or at least rent it)!
  • My poor little cousin =(

    By Joshua.Cane
    My cousins tricked their little brother into watching it and he thought it was a good movie because they told him it was about a tooth fairy.... He was sitting the closest to the TV when it started, he began to slowly back up and when the movie was over at night... Nobody under the age of 13 walked to get a cup of water by themselves.... Ever since... My younger cousin has been scared of the dark... He's 12 now but still scared... I reccommend it if you want to scare someone...
  • O.K.

    By SydPaulsen31
    It's really not a scary movie, but it is REALLY good. I wouldn't buy it but I would rent it. The only scary part is when they remove the tooth faries mask and the overall plot. I mean a woman who was blamed for a murder but turning out the murdered people were still alive and well, and she got hung 4 it? Thats creepy, but the movie wasn't scary. Good over all
  • So Original

    By paybinky
    OMG this is a masterpiece!! I mean who's creative mind would of EVER thought of this twisted, amazing, and creepy jerking piece of pure imagination?!? I don't care if you're the most nonscarable person alive, you'll love this and get the chills. BUY BUY BUY today!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!!! It's sooo different.... Sooo interesting that you'll HAVE to watch it ALL of the way thru. Seriously. This is 1 of the BEST original horrors there will EVER be.
  • The Best

    By J.Wil12
    It is one of the best horror movies. I saw it years ago and still will watch it over and over again. It is a must see for everyone that likes horror movies. You won't be disappointed.
  • Wow!

    By chaoticlucid
    Absolutely amazing! This is definitely in the top 50 horror movies of all time! I don't want to spoil too much of the movie, but I'll tell you that it's probably the scariest movie I have ever seen in my life...and usually I don't ever get scared; but this movie with send chills down your spine!
  • i want it to be better than it is

    By petang
    i've seen this a few times now, and i always want it to be better than it is. even with the special effects stamp of stan winston on it, i just can't jive. it feels like half a movie and i can't quite put my finger on why. the script feels a little stilted, so perhaps that's it. worth a watch if it comes on cable, but save your money here.