Three Stooges - The Collection 1934-1936

Three Stooges - The Collection 1934-1936

By The Three Stooges

  • Genre: The Three Stooges
  • Release Date: 1936-01-01
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: The Three Stooges 277307304
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99


The hilarious slapstick antics of Larry, Moe, and Curly are back in digitally remastered versions of the original The Three Stooges. This collection contains the first 19 shorts spanning the years of 1934-1936 re-packaged into half-hour episodes with a splashy new opening, wrap-arounds, and witty, hip interstitials offering trivia and questions for some insightful tidbits on the comedy trio.



  • Amazing

    By NHL NBA
    Please release the iTunes box set with every episode from the three stooges.
  • Can't be beat.

    By Gwlister
    The absolute greatest act in the history of comedy.
  • Great

    By jacobbehler
    ITunes needs more seasons, the three stooges have 8 seasons total and you only have 2. Otherwise the stooges are frickin hilarious and I think the best is moe or curly.
  • Hey!

    By Ripleykid13
    @ Yoitsclairewoo! My favorite is definitely Moe. He's too awesome to NOT be loved. Think about it this way, who does all the slaps and pokes( well not all of them but most)? Moe. What are the stooges famous for? Their slaps and pokes( and the fact that it consisted Curly). That's why I love Moe. Where would the stooges be without him?
  • Still makes me laugh .....

    By L1a2n3a4
    Been watching these since childhood - Insight into the 1930’s walk, talk, and surroundings of the day ... laugh till I cry on the Pullman train .... thank you to the remaining heirs of the families !!!
  • Stooges

    By kelt1971
    Need to get more seasons with Shemp Howard. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The 3 stuges

    By 200BC
    It is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&awesome
  • The three stooges 1934-1936

    By oldefunk57
    Classic.... Watching these three legends reminds me of my childhood. Sniff. Wow. It don't get any better than this. I'm so into the stooges, I'm purchasing seasons at a time. These can be watched over and over again. Thank you iTunes for the memories. Love you guys.
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    By Bofalh
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  • 👌😂

    By ✨Jorge✨
    This is great!!! The imagen and audio is great!! However alot of chapters still missing (Curly's episodes) i hope you can realese them! And sure it will be awesome if Itunes can give us the color version.