Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

By Peter Weir

  • Genre: Peter Weir
  • Release Date: 2003-11-14
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 2h 18min
  • Director: Peter Weir
  • Production Company: Universal Pictures
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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Captain “Lucky” Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe) is a renowned fighting captain in the British Navy. But when his ship, the Surprise, is suddenly attacked by a superior enemy, Aubrey is torn between duty and friendship as he pursues a high-stakes chase across two oceans to intercept and capture his foe. With a badly damaged ship and an injured crew, this mission can save his reputation, or destroy them all. Nominated for 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture!




  • A Classic Movie: Friendship, Adventure, Power, etc

    By Eliz45beth2013
    I like old movies! The friendship of the captain and the doctor were superb. The crew showed fearless action but they had to witness cruel punishment. I love the details and how crew works and simply lives during this time. I love the actors and the story.
  • A Modern Classic

    By PhotoJock
    It's a rare movie that can pull you in from any point you may start to its conclusion.
  • A good sea adventure

    By tresvick
    I have actually passed on this movie several times, but recently decided to give it a chance. I’m glad I did. I like Russell Crow and he did not disappoint with his performance in this film. It was entertaining and exciting and also had some personal moments. It was worth watching and I’m glad I finally did.
  • Absolutely excellent movie

    By therealaubrey
    As someone who has read the entire M&C books series (yes, all 20) and loved every single one, this movie is a godsend. The action is tense and exciting, the characters are spot on, and if this movie doesn't have the best footage of tall ships I don't know what does. We need more films like it, simply put.
  • Authentic

    By Axeman73
    This movie is a very good depiction of life on a british ship during the 19th century.

    By Person of Few Words
    In the beginning it has that boring feel to it like it is going to drag slowly on. The thing is it is setting up story for a masterful showdown.
  • Now this is movie making!

    By StoryDelver
    Good story, great acting, and quite accurate, this is movie making. It puts you there like few movies can.
  • One of the best about the sea

    By Stas Shkrebko
    That’s a great film, effectively showing those great times when Great Nations were struggling, when each of every one among all these men were loyal to that life, that They have chosen - life at sea. Great picture, even the greatest sound. Brilliant performance of actors, Russel Crow has successfully shown why are these men were so brave to be remembered in our history books. And there is also big attention into small details, like way of life and traditions at sea. Definitely, that is one the my favourite movies. It’s worth it to buy official version and add it to collection. Simply masterpiece.
  • The Best Star Trek Movie Never Made

    By Vermithrax12
    Simply one of the best adventure films ever made. An intimate epic of courage, loyalty, sacirfice and friendship, beatifully written and artfully executed.
  • surprise

    By Imagination
    Russell Crowe was a great actor!