Le Divorce

Le Divorce

By James Ivory

  • Genre: James Ivory
  • Release Date: 2003-08-29
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 57min
  • Director: James Ivory
  • Production Company: Merchant Ivory Productions
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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When two American sisters become caught up in the intimate intrigue of Paris, cultures and human passions collide. Le Divorce follows the journey of Isabel Walker (Kate Hudson), a quintessential young Californian newly arrived in the City of Light to visit her pregnant sister, Roxanne (Naomi Watts). A darkly romantic poet, Roxy has just been jilted by her scoundrel husband, Charles-Henri de Persand, and it appears they are headed for "le divorce." Meanwhile, Isabel finds herself falling for a married French diplomat who just happens to be the uncle of Roxy's soon-to-be-ex! Based on the best-selling novel by Diane Johnson, Le Divorce is a new twist on the classic American-in-Paris theme.




  • American bourgeoisie meets French bourgeoisie

    By Nsudboro
    If you do not appreciate (1) the unique cultural quirks of the American upper middle class (2) the unique cultural quirks of the French upper middle class (3) a film that is more concerned with character development than with plot development then you will not enjoy this film. If, however, you enjoy film as a meditation of unique moments, regardless of whether it “gets somewhere”, you may find some very rewarding moments here. This is the first film in which I noticed Naomi Watts because, though her part was minor, her quiet grace was the emotional heart of the film.
  • Blergggghhhh......

    By benjinyc
    Anger is the only emotion this movie evokes of me...save your money for a foot-long Subway sandwich lunch tomorrow instead! What a waste of good group of talent!
  • Girls night in Paris fest

    By londonlady2
    This movie is a love letter to Paris the way a Woody Allen movie pays homage to NYC. Its also a coming of age movie, a superbly cast family ensemble and a romance intermingled with moments of drama, shopping, eating and generally all things french. Girls night in favourite SATC style movie before our beloved new yorkers hit the big screen.
  • Le Divorce

    By KNS22
    This is probably the worst Parisian inspired film I have ever set my eyes on. It has more twist and turns than a rollercoaster, and poor Kate Hudson was absolutely terrible. Paris is a gorgeous city and they did not take advantage of the landscape instead they decided to go from country home to maids quarters. I don't know what they set out to accomplish when they made this film but I felt like asking for my 3.99 rental fee back.
  • Must be viewed a few times

    By Ester Leal
    Upon first viewing I didn't like this film. But I caught it on tv a second time and actually really enjoyed it. Since then I've seen it numerous times and now own a copy. It's really not a comedy in its true form. There are some funny moments but the gem about it is that it details the French v American customs. For that alone, anyone who enjoys French cinema and or artists would enjoy this one.
  • This movie was fabulous!

    By Krista825
    Okay everyone below me is well quite inept when it comes to reviewing movies. I believe this movie was fabulous do not listen to any of them unless they gave it a good review. This movie was so fresh and how did i not make sense? It was to the point, it was about a divorce...that effects so many people throughout the movie...sort of like a catalyst. It had subtle humor, so it was definitely more a of a dram/romantic movie. If you do not like those types of movies you should not be watching them. To conclude this movie was lovely, fresh, intriguing and just so delightful!
  • Ugh

    By JuJuBoBo
    I couldn't finish it. So disappointing.
  • Very bad !!! I need my money back !

    By Alya73
    I could't see , because the frezz!!
  • Worse than a drag

    By Farm and Land
    It took two people and put them sound asleep by 9:00 p.m. There was absolutely no point to this movie. Don't waste your money..!
  • Worth watching on a Friday evening

    By janjamm
    It was a pleasure watching this film. Watts and Hudson in Paris is a good lesson in the awkwardness of clashing cultures. Given the Merchant/Ivory duo and a screenplay by Ruth Prewar Jhabvala you would think it would be a big, charming movie. Instead it is a little, cute movie that tires to be a bit dark, but can't pull it off. There is no way to take this movie seriously and that's ok for a Friday night viewing.