Scrubs, Season 7

Scrubs, Season 7

By Scrubs

  • Genre: Scrubs
  • Release Date: 2007-10-25
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Scrubs 135225742
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99


J.D.'s a daddy, but will he ever grow up himself? Elizabeth Banks (The 40-Year-Old Virgin) guest stars as Dr. Kim Briggs, J.D.'s baby's mama. But there's trouble in the nest, and someone's going to fly. Can J.D.'s brother Dan (Tom Cavanagh, Ed) pull him out of his childish funk? Even more surprises are in the works, including a 'green' episode with an eco-conscious message; you'll never guess who names himself the EO (Environmental Officer) of Sacred Heart. And, a softer side to Dr. Cox? Also, say an early goodbye to a surprise staffer. All this and an unforgettable contest to be Sacred Heart's No. 1 doctor — it's not just going to be competitive, it'll be downright dirty.



  • ?

    By adoe26
    it wont let me buy the episodes for .99 it says here 1.99 please fix this
  • Good Season

    By Simpsonic,,--
    This season was funny aswell as dramatic. It's a victim of the 'writers strike' as the 11-episode season gets crap from the show's fans. My Princess was NBC's fault for Kelso's retirement goof. It should have aired before My Dumb Luck.
  • Its Back

    By BigDamnSavior
    Just for the record, Scrubs is on ABC at 9 PM on Tues. New Episodes!
  • Scrubs

    By Linuxzian
    Scrubs is hilarious if you never heard of them look for it on comedy central its also on abc now i watch scrubs on my ipod every chance i get (when my batterys not dead)
  • Scrubs Rocks!!!

    By Alyce8179rag
    Of course they can't cancel scrubs! it's the best thing since Ice cream. i thought this season was a little less commical than the others, but still awsom! i love scrubs!
  • Season 8 Pass Please itunes

    By Laytro
    Vote if you want season 8!
  • Season 8?

    By Zacnok
    I love this show. Where is season 8???????
  • Where's Season 8?

    By little_brother
    This is probably one of the best and funniest shows out there, but where are the new episodes? come on iTunes, i want to be able to buy the new episodes from season 8.
  • scrubs. :)

    By naijahlillyxoxo :)
    I looove this show. it's the best show on tv hands downn. (:
  • season 8

    By madskills4543
    why dont you get season 8 click yes if want season 8