Metalocalypse, Season 2

Metalocalypse, Season 2

By Metalocalypse

  • Genre: Metalocalypse
  • Release Date: 2007-09-23
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Metalocalypse 264273500
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99


The Metalocalypse has re-begun. It's Season 2, and Dethklok continues to tour the earth in search of all things brutal. Now go forth and watch.



  • <3

    By DethMetal94
    I loves this show ;) great music too
  • Awesome

    By Aeonapocalypse00
    At first i that this show was just okay but now I love it. I like the newer episodes better, dethhealth was the the funniest most brutal episode ever. I listen to slot of metal but am not a huge fan of dethklok, but still enjoy their tunes. If you are brutal and kvlt enough you will love this show. DIE FOR DETHKLOK!
  • Brutal.

    By Omnomnom.
    This show is just made of metal-awesome.
  • Cool

    By Dyl-Man
    This show is great! Hallarious stuff if you like dark humor and a little bit of brutality.
  • Intense

    By Uncle Muscles
    As funny as Metalocalypse is, its just as intense!! Example given Dethrelease.. THIS should have been the highest rated episode on here! The last 8 min. of Dethrelease were edge of your seat style. Brandon Small showed that Dethklok can be more than comedy. If you don't get attached to the characters in the series then there is really no point in watching this!! The last 8 min DEFINE the whole season and make me await Season 3 with baited breath!! DETHKLOK!!!!!
  • Most Brutal

    By grenade13
    This is the best show cant wait for the season 3 debut!!! Its guna be brutal!
  • No words

    By Gordon S
    When I first watch this show, I was like ok cool animation. As started to pay attention the content, I kept saying to myself who is writing this stuff. As I watched it more I became more & more into it. The writmg is great & the visuals amazing. To the writers, u guys or either insane, high, geniuses. The bigest kicker is I am not into metal. Love the show. Adult Swim kudos to keeping some cutting edge programing on tv. By the way can any tell what the hell Super Jail is about??? LOL. Now for sure the writers of that show are high on LSD!
  • SAZZ

    By Zahmbie30
    THis Season had all the SAZZ
  • brutality at its best

    By Candy42
    Purely awesome metal personified through cartoons that makes you yourself want to live a metal lifestyle like our good freinds Nathan, Toki, Skwissgaar, Pickles, and Murderface. very funny, very metal... its a beautiful thing that has been created. the more you watch it the more the characters are a part of you. watch and be amazed
  • death

    By norwayklock
    F***K yea metal is awesome and if you don't think so I will find you and kill you burn you then mix the ashes with cholate puding