Lost Worlds, Season 2

Lost Worlds, Season 2

By Lost Worlds

  • Genre: Lost Worlds
  • Release Date: 2007-08-02
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Lost Worlds 207034168
  • Production Company: Discovery Channel UK
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99


See the past rebuilt in Season 2 of the cutting-edge hit series from The History Channel®. Using state-of-the-art technologies, Lost Worlds reconstructs some of the world's greatest lost civilizations and cultures in amazing detail. The second season revisits stunning hidden cities and long-untouched secret worlds, stopping to visit the mysterious lost city of Palenque and the Titanic's darkened hull at the bottom of the sea, as well as the unknown worlds of pirates and the buried history of the Kama Sutra.



  • City of Armageddon problems

    By slylabs13
    Where do I start? After hearing so much that was inaccurate about the history of this place, I begin to wonder what other episodes contain such "stretches". For example, the announcer describes the Apostle John having witnessed the destruction of the city by the Egyptians, and being demoralized, was "influenced" by the disaster to name Armageddon as the place for the final battle. Um... John wasn't born for another many hundreds of years. Also, the announcer claims that after the fall of the citadel at Armageddon to the Egyptians, just "a few short years later" the temple fell. Erm... again, many hundreds of years is NOT a few short years, and misleads those watching to accept the point being made, which was that the fall of this citadel led to the destruction of the temple. OH MY GOD! He really said that?? Yes, I am afraid he did. Further, John wasn't "influenced" by any of the history of the place. The angels in his vision TOLD him what was going to happen and where. John simply wrote it all down later. The Apostle John was dictating, not opining. You can doubt that John really had a vision from God if you like, but it seems apparent that John believed he did, and so nothing about the history of Armageddon had anything to do with what John was writing, which is a point that the host seems to try and press home again and again throughout this "documentary". My advice to producers who want to tackle this kind of material would be, bring in real Biblical experts, then pay close attention to what they say, so they don't end up appearing so incredibly misinformed.
  • Good subject matter

    By Radar3
    Love stuff like this. Everything is fine except after awhile the voice started to really get on my nerves.
  • Great show

    By ShameShameShimmy
    You can learn a lot from this show and be entertained at the same time. Then again, a passing interest in these subjects makes this possible. Anyways, I bought some individual episodes before but no longer. I will now buy the entire series! It's that good!!
  • History at its best

    By fvr1971
    I especially liked the Lost Superpower of the Hittites, Armageddon and Herod the Great episodes. It gives amazing insight into ancient places and people mentioned in the Bible. Great special effects too.
  • Horrible Narrator

    By A_Denck
    I have to agree with the other commentors....the subjects are interesting, but holy cow...what a horrible narrator. I don't know who the narrator was for season 1, but he was interesting to listen to. This guy sounds like he's falling asleep while reading the narration. Bring back the other guy!
  • Lost Worlds

    By Erinsings
    Informative, nice visuals, but WHO hired that guy to do the voice over?! If it's weren't for the moderator, I would have given it 5 stars.
  • Lost Worlds - Lost City of Aphrodite

    By GregMParry
    the usual 'very little content' format of these History Specials.
  • Regret the purchase

    By NiceGuyMike
    I don't watch much TV, so I'd never seen this program. I was interested in every single episode, though, so the season pass seemed like a really good deal. Instead, I've found myself constantly irritated with breathless announcements that "their investigators have discovered" some piece of information readily available on the internet. Far cheaper to just tape the programs as they become available, if you have cable. If not, you'll probably learn more from free podcasts. The production values are great, and the first episode was very promising. Unfortunately, there's just not much in here that interested people probably wouldn't have already heard in a dozen places.
  • Seven Wonders

    By 0G3L
    I purchased and watched only the first episode hoping to like it, but the show could not keep my interest. The computer graphics were well done, but otherwise there was not much substance compared to programs like Nova or Scientific American. It seemed like a lot of the show was just the presenters exclaiming how magnificent or mind-boggling the wonders must have been. If this is the first you've heard of the Seven Ancient Wonders, this show might be worth watching, but if you've read or seen anything about them before, the show will likely be only mildly entertaining.
  • brycecramman

    By brycecreamman
    This was so informative, and well researched I had to buy the rest of them. These series are addicting