Kyle XY, Season 2

Kyle XY, Season 2

By Kyle XY

  • Genre: Kyle XY
  • Release Date: 2007-06-11
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Kyle XY 160299508
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99


More questions and new dangers are in store for Kyle and the Trager Family in the all-new second season of the hit ABC Family original series, Kyle XY. As Kyle continues to learn the truth about his past, he uncovers a shocking revelation — he is not alone!



  • ABC Family best tv show

    By RMC2009
    Lets start off by saying kyle xy is one of the best tv shows abc family has ever produced yet. This season in particular is full of mystery and ambition, and has a whopping 23 episodes. This season i particular is full of excitment and wait till you see season 3 it gets better, but the last episode of the series is a dissapointer. I hope everybody agrees with me that this show should be saved. The final episode was in january of season 3, leaving it open for a season 4, but the network shut it down. I get really upset when a really good series is stopped and not finshed. Every network does it and they should have enough respect for thier own show to at least give it a ending. I hope everyone will join the cause and show ABC Family that they should rethink this situation.
  • Amanda and Kyle

    By GibbyD
    I loved watching Amanda and Kyle get together. I'm sad that they're no longer together. Season 2 is all about the romance.
  • Bring it back!

    By Ayoad
    This show is awesome. Really can figure out way it was cancelled or why ABC refuses to bring it back.
  • I'm love this show omg it's sooo good and I really really want it back up......

    By GaryGnz
    I'm love this show omg it's sooo good and I really really want it back up......
  • KYLE XY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By KKCuteness
    1 word to describe it is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is exciting, fun, mysterious, and altogether awesome!!!!!!1
  • Please bring back Kyle XY

    By ctrudo
    Please bring back Kyle XY for another season!!!

    By mtplayer99
    kyle xy is an amazing show, but it does go pretty slow
  • Sad tosee it go :(

    By kylexyfan760
    Today March 16 is the series finale of Kyle XY I have one thing to say. why!!!!!
  • Thanks for an awesome show!

    By ColwynMartin
    I remember when this show first came out on abc family! I cannot believe I found it again! I still do wish that they could continue on the series. We never did get an answer... Thanks for a great heat warming show!
  • They Cancelled It!?!?!?!?!

    By blissknit
    This is the best show ever! I can't believe ABC family cancelled the show! Please bring Kyle back!