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Baseball's Best

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  • Genre: Baseball's Best
  • Release Date: 2007-04-02
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
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Kirk Gibson's Miracle Homer. Cal Ripken's record 2,131st consecutive game. The St. Louis Cardinals' stunning 2006 title. Baseball goes on, but memories never fade thanks to's Baseball's Best library. Download original TV broadcasts of classic games, some with original pre- and post-game shows. 2-3 hours per game. Collect them all.



  • 9/21/01 Mets vs Braves??

    By matthewlevin5
    Where is the Mets vs. Braves game played on 9/21/01? 1st game after 9/11?? C'mon!!!
  • Audio/visual probs

    By Stab329
    I bought 2002 alds, twins vs. a's. About half way through the audio and visuals go out of sync, so the sounds are about 20 seconds behind what you are watching, almost totally ruins the experience of watching that thrilling 9th inning. Since I paid $2 I would've at least liked to have this problem disclosed before my purchase, so I know what I am getting. Other reviews indicate some audio/visual problems, such as really poor footage or incredibly quiet audio, especially in older games, so be warned that you may encounter these problems. Also, I was disappointed to learn that each game takes a big chunk of storage out of my iPad, so that just downloading 5 or 6 takes up major storage. I had to delete some other apps to get my 4th game to download.
  • Baseball till I Die!

    Sad baseball season is over but incredibly happy to be able to catch up on baseball history. This is great if you've already watched the Ken Burns documentary. Finally get to see famous games in their full glory, not just high lights. Now put more Giants games on here!!!
  • Brutal

    By Bluetvgiant
    Where is Game Four Alcs final. That's the game game that mattered. Alomar's homerun off of Eckersley. The series was over, game five was meaningless. Give us game four.
  • Game I would like to see...

    By Nicklovesredsox
    Yankees at Red Sox - July 24, 2004
  • Good... but needs some key missing parts

    By Ballplayer36
    Over all, I believe this is a fine collection of games from MLB history. It seems to have a major focus on a couple of teams though, and I feel that a couple of very important games are not there. For example, if there are so many no-hitters and perfect games, why not include the rest of them? As an example, BOTH of Jack Morris's no-hitters are missing from this collection, and those are large peices of Detroit Tigers history. The same could be said of World Series games and post-season drama. The Tigers (just a theme I am running with to make a point) won in spectacular fashion in game 7 of the 1968 world series (not on itunes) and the clincher to go to the post-season in 1987 on the last day of the season was just as important for the Detroit Tigers and their fans. Please consider adding these games and others like them to this collection, as I am sure that many baseball fans from coast to coast would appreciate it.
  • Great Collection

    By Z One N Only
    All that's required to make me happy is my iPad with the Pine Tar game, but is missing some games, like Game 6 of the 2002 World Series. Still gonna rate it five stars for a) the pine tar game [Yankees 4 Royals 5] and b) Game 7 of the 1985 World Series [Royals 11 Cardinals 0].
  • Tigers 5, Padres 4

    By Byco42
    Contrary to your description of the game, the Tigers had a one-run lead in the eighth inning 5 to 4 for San Diego game five of the 84 World Series.
  • We need more games!

    By ctimothyray
    Love watching these, wish there were even more to choose from. Needs more games featuring legends in their prime, even if the game isn't a playoff game. Also, it's depressing how many of these feature the Braves losing.
  • Where is Yankees at Red Sox - July 24 2004?

    By Nicklovesredsox
    With the Yankees up 3-0 in the top of the third, Alex Rodriguez is hit by pitch and after anexchange of words, both teams brawled it out and in the end, the Red Sox ended up winning 11-10 in the bottom of the ninth on a two-run home run by Bill Mueller. That game is considered the turning point of the Red Sox' 2004 season.