By Woody Allen

  • Genre: Woody Allen
  • Release Date: 1971-04-28
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 22min
  • Director: Woody Allen
  • Production Company: Jack Rollins & Charles H. Joffe Productions
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 375 Ratings


When bumbling product-tester, Fielding Mellish (Allen) is jilted by his girlfriend, Nancy (Louise Lasser), he heads to the tiny republic of San Marcos for a vacation only to become kidnapped by rebels! Once the band of rebels seizes power, their leader goes crazy, and they replace him with Mellish, thinking he can save the country. But when Mellish is nabbed by the FBI, he is put on trial for subversion and in a side-splitting courtroom show-down including the most hilarious self-cross examination ever.




  • A droll spoof

    By Parmesan Romano
    Oh, it was weak. I was never interested. Although the part of the Fielding was played with gusto and verve and the girl had a delightful cameo role. A puckish satire of contemporary mores. A droll spoof aimed more at the heart than the head.
  • Bananas!

    By kozelnik
    I disagree with the previous writer. While Annie Hall and Allen's work from the mid-70's to present has been remarkable, his early works are sometimes overlooked for being 'slap-sticky.' Yet in the silliness of these early works lies true perfection, great thought and genius film making. 'Bananas' is about as hilarious and perfect as it gets. The scenes may at times look 'dated' considering the early 70's locations and style, but this is extremely modern and smart. Give it a chance, it's American cinema at its best! Too bad no one (directors with their hands tied down by studios) can come close to this today!
  • Classic sketch comedy

    By Joshua Wait
    Bananas has remained one of my favorites ever since I saw it for the first time back in the 1970s. Having seen it again for the first time years, I can say that it has truly great gags and sketch comedy as well as political and religious humor. It's as funny now as the first time I saw it.
  • Comedy Classic

    By DJ Duke
    This is just of of the many older hilarious Woody films, all slapsticks, for those who enjoy the early films this is a must. I have seen it like 25 times and I laugh the same every time.
  • I am sorry to see all of the bad reviews

    By 5user5
    I think this movie is great and I hope people watch it. Seems like an odd one to download for the money though. I'm sure you can find the dvd for 5 bucks in a bargin bin.
  • Not too shabby, bet too young

    By joshades
    I love Woody Allen, but think his more recent stuff (not so much this millenium) is better. Bananas has all the critique and humor that have made Woody Allen so famous, just a bit too much screwball for me. There were one too many scenes that had nothing to do with anything plot-wise that seemed inserted just for length and laughs. That said, I almost died when they ordered the sanwiches and cole slaw; this was one of Allen's best scenes in memory.
  • Smart but Whacky

    By A Pulp of Fiction
    This is classic Woody during is early filmmaking carrer.It is definently worth the buy for any Allen fan. I just would like to see Annie Hall and Manhattan put on Itunes.
  • Surprisingly Funny, though slapstick

    By Lifelove
    My whole life I'd heard of W. Allen described as an intellectual humorist--only to find out that it takes some intelligence, but more importantly just a pretty good funny bone to get his humor. If you like Allen, you will dig this movie. It's slapstick, but also ironic. It's a very silly, but enjoyably so. This is the movie that made me a woody allen fan. It's also less blasphemous than some of his later works, which keeps it light. If you have a a few brains, a decent vocabulary and even just minor education--Woody will tickle the heck out of you.
  • iTunes, where are his others?!?!

    By elizisaiahbeth
    This is a fun movie. Woody Allen's early movies, like "Bananas", "All the questions about sex you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask", and the fantastic "Sleeper", have an irreverence and quick wit that no other director has ever matched. To watch him transform from funny movie maker to ground breaking artist is facinating. His greatest movies like "Annie Hall", "Hannah and her Sisters" and my favorite, "Crimes and Misdemeanors" are must-sees for everybody who considers themselves a lover of film. iTunes needs more of his greats.
  • woody allen is hilarious

    By Dear and the headlights rock09
    i may be young but i love woody allen his movies are the funniest out there i think itunes should add more though my favorites are this, play it again sam, sleeper, and manhattan murder mystery.I think itunes should have at least one of those other movies that would be great!