Charlie's Angels , Season 1

Charlie's Angels , Season 1

By Charlie's Angels (1977)

  • Genre: Charlie's Angels (1977)
  • Release Date: 2007-01-01
  • Advisory Rating:
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Charlie's Angels (1977) 219878660
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99


The first season features the original Angels Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, and Jaclyn Smith and all of their adventures from one of the most classic shows in television history. Beautiful, intelligent, and ultra-sophisticated, Charlie's Angels are everything a man could dream of . . . and way more than they could ever handle! The Angels employ their incomparable sleuthing and combat skills, as well as their lethal feminine charm, to crack even the most seemingly insurmountable of cases. Detective work never looked this good!



  • Angels 1st Season

    By TC1053
    I grew up in the 70s Starsky and Hutch, Emergency, Charlie's Angels. This show was unique, it was the first and one-of-a-kind. It lost something after the first season, something great. I guess I watched the seasons after that but I just didn't enjoy them as much thanks Farrah for everything. Most everyone admired your great looks, I tried to look past that I saw a really sweet person getting pulled in 100 different directions in her life during that time. You still rose to the occasion and gave us some great television. Bravo!

    By russiangymnasticsrocks
    It's great but they should have the other seasons.

    By 23soccer
    Charlie's Angels is the best! I wasn't even alive when it was still a TV show. My mom bought Season 1 and I simply fell in love. They are all stunningly beautiful and talented. I have yet to watch the following of the seasons, in fear of missing Farrah (who plays Jill Monroe). Season 1 is arguably the best season of Charlie's Angels. It's so incredible and I highly recommend it to everyone, especially those who weren't alive when it was a TV show. I only wish I could find a TV show today that was as great as this one. I only wish I knew what Charlie looks like!!!
  • More Seasons NOW!!

    By WeboGirl
    Seriously, Where are seasons 2, 4 and 5???
  • OMG Love It!😍

    By Davon Alexander
    I Love Charlie's Angels!

    By fashionista459
    i feel so bad about farrah faucett's death!!!!!!!!!!! i havent seen the series, but i just want to express my feelings. they are this: :( :( :( :( :( :( :( but i sure she was a great actress too an she lived a great life. farrah has definetly left her mark on this world, and i think that according to FARRAH'S STORY, i think she would be very happy about that. god bless farrah faucett and all others on the tv show; let them cope with this very well.
  • Prayer for Farrah

    By thestoryofemzy
    I don't care how many people love Cheryl Ladd, Farrah Fawcett was, is, and will be the best Angel.
  • Timeless

    By bethanygvaughn
    I'm 18 and this is by far one of my all time favorite shows! Season one is my favorite. I always recommend this show to all my friends who are looking to start another show.
  • thank you but...

    By bxsnoopy
    thank you for finally bringing back the good classic show, but what about The Bionic Woman and Million Dollar Man. These shows were also great. If you can get Hart to Hart, you can also get these great tv shows.
  • who doesn't love this song?

    By souljagurl&louyboi
    Its a funny and captivating show PERIOD. RIP Farrah you will never be forgotten!!!