Hope Springs

Hope Springs

By Mark Herman

  • Genre: Mark Herman
  • Release Date: 2003-09-05
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 32min
  • Director: Mark Herman
  • Production Company: Columbia Pictures
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 2.99
From 478 Ratings


Hope Springs is the charming romantic comedy starring Colin Firth (Love Actually), Heather Graham (Anger Management), and Academy Award nominee (1997 Best Supporting Actress, Good Will Hunting) Minnie Driver (Return to Me). When artist Colin Ware (Firth) discovers the love of his life and fiancee Vera (Driver), a sexy, sophisticated vixen, is marrying another man, he flees to America and the sleepy New England village of Hope to bury himself in his art and soothe his tortured psyche. Soon he finds more than a shoulder to cry on when he meets Mandy (Graham), a beautiful free spirit who captures his heart -- until Vera suddenly shows up with the surprise of Colin's life. Hope Springs is a delightful and engaging comedy about finding happiness when you least expect it.




  • Don't get your hopes up.

    By gentlemen after dark
    I thought I would watch this with my fiance. I figured a romantic comedy would be nice so I downloaded it. Man, we both HATED it. There are plenty of good actors in this movie who have proven themselves elsewhere. The big problem was the writing. No joke, the dialogue had us cringing. The plot had more holes in it than substance. I could not evenr recommend this for the music, which was awful.
  • Enjoyable

    By ElizaTaurus
    Although there are some unbelievable events in the plot, this is an enjoyable movie. I especially enjoyed Minnie Driver's character and wardrobe. The location is romantic suiting this romantic movie. This is a movie to be entertained by and not to be mentally challenged with.
  • Great Movie

    By thatkristin
    I loved this movie, it was exactly about finding hope when you least expect it, and this movie has a subtle, perfect way of proving it. I loved it, buy it now.
  • Hope Springs

    By doodlebug423
    A real disappointment...I really wanted to like it...I expected it to be more flirty...a more romantic pursuit. It wasn't like that....really just not very good.
  • Sweet & Beautiful

    By zansma
    Colin Firth was sweet in this role. The scenery was beautiful. Heather Graham was a downer.
  • disappointing!

    By coftn
    I am a big fan of both Minnie Driver and Colin Firth, but this movie was a big let-down. Firth was boring and the story line was just lame. Driver did a great job, as always, but her character was just grating and annoying. A bad story line and grating characters do not make for a good movie. Don't waste your money on this one.
  • dissapointing!

    By reviewer347
    I was looking forward to this movie. The previews looked good and I like Colin Firth and Minnie Driver. But it was absolutely awful!
  • it's okish

    By sifc33
    i mean, before I saw this I read all the reviews, so I kinda had a head's up and not totally blinded. With that said, it wasn't THAT terrabad, I mean it was laughably bad at some points, but you just gotta realize it's a RomCom, so with that standard, I knew what to expect before hand. I thought C.Firth was awesome and yes he played himself, so if you've seen him in one RomCom, he's kinda the same, Minnie was dead-sexy and very witty, as for Heather, well bless her heart, but I can see why she hasn't been casted a ton lately. All in all, if you go in with really low expectations and understand it's a RomCom, it'll be a good background movie to throw on while you are ironing or cleaning-out your closet.
  • loved it

    By paradisseee
    entertaining and original
  • really just dreadfull DONT BUY THIS..Sorry Colin.

    By traciv
    All of the fine actors in this movie have done way better things. I am thinking that the story and 'umpph' must of got lost during editing because I cannot imagine the script attracting all of the fine talent that star in it on the strength of what it ended up being. What a complete and utter waste of money. I will be dumping this off my itunes.......I wish I could get my money back. : (