24, Season 6

24, Season 6

By 24

  • Genre: 24
  • Release Date: 2007-01-13
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: 24 151197604
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99


The sixth season of 24 picks up 20 months after last season's shocking finale, when Jack Bauer was captured by Chinese government agents and taken, battered and bloodied, to points unknown. After a series of horrific terrorist attacks, President Palmer and his team of advisors, Karen Hayes and Thomas Lennox, as well as Jack's CTU colleagues Chloe O'Brian, Curtis Manning, Bill Buchanan, and newcomer Mike Doyle, begin an unthinkable, nail-biting day. Former President Logan and his wife, Martha, return, along with Milo Pressman and Chloe's ex, Morris O'Brian, for another day of action.



  • 24

    By april0
    The tv show 24 I watched on and off whenever they had it on air. So far the shows I am pleased with is season 1, 2, and season 6. The rest I did not get time to watch yet. When 24 was on air on tv I saw it more. For me this I can watch and watch .
  • 24

    By nancytill
    This show has you at the edge of your seat. I always buy from Itunes because I can't stand to wait each week to see an new episode. I have purchased every season and can't wait for Season 7. It's fabulous!
  • 24's the best

    By Freddy C.
    24 is hands down the best show on tv this is one of the best seasons its amazingly realistic the torture scenes do get a bit graphic though Long live Jack Bauer! Cant wait for Season 8!
  • 24, Season 6

    By Diabanana
    Best TV Series in the last 10 years. The plots are surprising, the characters are 'passionate' and the mood keeps me glued to my chair! Only if Jack could look not so clean shaven and do they ever drink water or eat? 24 hours is a long time!
  • Corrupt files...

    By PitKlein
    Episodes "Day 6: 9.00 AM - 10.00 AM" and "Day 7: 9.00 AM - 10.00 AM" do not work properly for me. A download is not possible - it fails. Tried to delete download-tmp-directory, started iTunes several times, repaired my harddrive, even tested new DNS-entrys in my network-connection and used multiple computers (Mac and PC). Apple please fix it! No problems with all other episodes in seasons 1 -8...
  • Finally

    By Josh Pike
    Its about time itunes lowered the price. 50 bucks in standard definition was just ridiculous and for high def it was almost 70 flippin bucks! jeez its about time itunes did somethin right
  • How did tony almeda die?

    By hollywooddreamgirl
    I can't remember how he died last season, and now he's back! Does anyone remember?
  • Not the best

    By 24reviewer
    The Sixth Season started out well. The plot was good along with the involvement of Jack's father. However, once the original plot was resolved, the season fell from the sky in flames. It appeared they were just running out of ideas with like 7 episodes to go. I expected more out of the writers (especially after season 5). The final minutes also failed to capture much for me. Very little drama and almost an indication that not only Jack Bauer but also the show was giving up. Hopefully 7 will live up to the name 24.
  • by far awesome

    By joker1k
    this show is amazing... the cliffhangers and LEGENDARY. The writting is 5 stars. This is a must watch show.
  • this was good but not the best

    By King Omi
    season 5 and 4 are the best and season 7 could be the best of all.