Jackass Gumball Rally

Jackass Gumball Rally

By Jackass

  • Genre: Jackass
  • Release Date: 2006-04-10
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Jackass 119037430
  • Production Company: Dickhouse Productions
  • iTunes Price: USD 2.99
From 11 Ratings


Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and Chris Pontius take to the archaic roads of the United Kingdom, Europe, the Eastern Bloc and a smidgeon of Scandinavia in a race spanning six days and three thousand miles.



  • .

    By Jenny Drummer
    Stupid and very inmature
  • 1/2 funney

    By Jourdan45
    this isnt the best jackass and it could be better , but this has good parts,and parts to make you laugh your head off
  • A great change of idiotricty

    By scruffyrick
    I love all the episodes and movies that these guys bring. If you dont like this because its a bunch of cars racing look up the Gumball RALLY. This is just great how they try to cross borders and Chris Pontius aka. Mr.America bring out something new to the series "Jackass".
  • Gumball is awesome!!!

    By Lil holder
    this movie/show was great. Since i am in school i can just sit back and watch this with my friend i see very much humor in it!!!....somepeople wont and it definately worth the price!
  • Jackass Gumball Rally

    By kjlnk;wschfk
    This is garbage, dont buy this, because its not funny. Its a waste of money, if you want something funny buy jackass episodes, not this.

    By Sleep-O
    This episode is the BEST!! Its hilarious and it has the coolest actors in it!! Whoever doesnt like this one is definatly not a big fan of Jackass!
  • The nobodies in helsinki

    By ShanFatale666
    I wish they would have had some finnish rockers there, but oh well. Beware of latvia the mexico of europe it was pretty funny, people only think of Pontius as party boy which is funny but hes pretty damn funny beig himself too.
  • This may have disappointed but..

    By Jesse AKA J~marT
    There is still a movie for you! Not on iTunes however, go find "3000 miles" by gumball rally pictures/900 films. It stars bam margera/Ryan Dunn/Tony hawk/mike vallely/mike escimillo as they go through their gumball adventure full of mischief, setbacks and triumphs...I LOVE IT...check it out!!!
  • ehhh....

    By durstman
    ohkk to get things straight i love jackass. this was a good episode but they really needed to add more funny things. dont get me wrong it was kinda funny but they really needed to add more. and should have added more stupid stuff they did because just when it was getting good they would cut it off and start taping something else. i gave this a 3 cuz i love jackass and dont want to cut it down, but it also wasnt jackass's best
  • jackass rip off

    By cherrys963
    this was in no way a true jackass movie. Steve-o was sleeping the whole movie and they did nothing that was funny, I say it again, they did nothing funny! say your money, don't be fooled. this is garbage and should not be on I-tunes because it's not worth crap!!!