Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

By Unknown

  • Genre: Unknown
  • Release Date: 2019-04-05
  • Advisory Rating: G
  • Runtime: 1h 29min
  • Director: Unknown
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99


A documentary presenting the live recording of Aretha Franklin's album Amazing Grace at The New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Watts, Los Angeles in January 1972.



  • Amazing

    By Abby5781
    I absolutely loved it!
  • Aretha at her best!

    By Muzikologist
    This was worth the 46 year wait. Aretha is showing why she is The Queen. Like Rev. Cleveland said, “She can sing anything. Three blind mice...”, and she truly could. And this documentary reminded me why I love being a gospel singer.
  • If there was any person with a voice of an Angel, it is Aretha

    By kaisersoser
    Her voice, her gift, is a blessing for mankind. A glimpse into the glorious afterlife that awaits all those whose soul is open to the voice of the divine. I have waited over 20 years to watch this video and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.
  • Interesting and monolithic

    By GroundPoint
    Expected something more, some background, some narrative.
  • Lady soul 👸🏾

    By Donte' from Detroit
    Wow is all I can say , everyone should own a copy of this to add in their collection . Over 45 years we’ve been waiting to see this & I’m happy to say she was raised and lived out her golden years in my city ! Detroit,MI she was and still is the Queen of Soul .... LEGEND ! Rest is peace Queen ......

    I am too young to have been there but I grew up in LA in the 80's and 90's and although being film prior, this gives me a feel on what church used to be like in LA as a child. Don't know how they did but besides capturing the life changing performance of Aretha Franklin they were able to catch the true spirit of not just the church but of Los Angeles. Sadly with all of the greatness my heart does ache a little bit when seeing James Clevelend and C.L. Franklin. Those were some deeply troubled men and seeing them in their element gives a wider understanding on why they were given immunity. Nevertheless, I loved every second of it and I need more!!!!
  • The Queen Forever!

    By MusicTaste87
    Worth the wait, we all knew how stubborn Queen Franklin was. I enjoyed this film. When Miki Howard told me in 2014 she was present there at age 10,I was even more curious to see the footage of the biggest selling gospel album; her mother Josephine Howard (Caravans) sang in the choir those nights. Watching the hippies and curious onlookers to Mick Jagger, Clara Ward, CL Franklin and the interesting Gertrude Ward take their seats. Jerry Wexler did an amazing job using his team of musicians as well as James Cleveland and his disciplined choir. They were perfect. Not gonna lie she owned Wholy Holy totally rearranged and just beautiful. And Amazing Grace... You just get chills from the beginning to ending. Long Live the Queen!! We love you Aretha.
  • Truly the Queen of Soul

    By Boom And Boom
    I love Aretha Franklin I own every album by her and consistently listen to them as if they were made yesterday there will never be another Aretha and she will forever be missed. This is truly the best, there will never be anything better. I watched this the day it came out, the next day, the next day, and again on the weekend after that. I cried, I laughed, I danced, I sung and even caught the Holy Ghost each time watching this I love you Aretha you get me through my troubled waters and you make me feel like an angel thank you for all that you’ve done. Family please more concerts if you can.
  • Wow

    By thgybdijn
    My soul got saved
  • rock steady!!!

    By simplifyme
    wonderful - joy filled - soul full film + a young mick jagger checking out this amazing tribute to gospel in the back pew was amazing!