General Magic

General Magic

By Sarah Kerruish & Matt Maude

  • Genre: Sarah Kerruish & Matt Maude
  • Release Date: 2019-05-10
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 32min
  • Director: Sarah Kerruish & Matt Maude
  • Production Company: Spellbound Productions II
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 0.99
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This is the story of one of history’s most talented technology teams. From the first smartphones to social media, e-commerce, eBay and even emojis, the ideas that now dominate the tech industry and our day-to-day lives were born at General Magic, a 1989 Silicon Valley startup that you've never heard of. The award-winning documentary, is a tale of how a great vision and an epic failure can change the world. Featuring members of the original 1984 Macintosh team along with the creators of the iPhone, Android and eBay. These designers, engineers and entrepreneurs saw the future decades before it happened. The film captures the spirit of those of us who dare to dream big and the life-changing consequences when we fail, fail again, fail better, and ultimately succeed.



  • Fairy tales of apple

    By 5star+4
    Love it this app
  • Magical

    By MDS1948
    The unknown origins of the iPhone and the mobile, social and e-commerce apps we now take for granted—a spin out from Apple saw the future in 1990 but wasn’t able to realize it ( neither the technology or the market was ready). But the whiz kids who worked there went on to eventually develop or help fond everything from the IPod and IPhone, Android, eBay, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Telling use of archival footage from the 1990s of the Magicians at work coupled with contemporary interviews tells a compelling story of failure and redemption.
  • Moving even for those who don't work in tech

    By veronicamiles
    2d ago Even though I don't work in technology, I found General Magic to be an incredibly moving story about failure. I walked away feeling very inspired to also want to change the world. The 90s nostalgia was so fun and it was amazing to see these enthusiastic smart young people who went on to literally change all of our lives. Besides the topic, it was a really well made documentary as well. You'll be hooked by the first minute.
  • Steve Jarrett

    By stevejarrett
    This is not just the best documentary about Silicon Valley, it's the most compelling and instructive movie I've ever watched about the challenges of trying to achieve great things. Unmissable.
  • Tech Wizards!!

    By LisaNorene
    The General Magic team was so ahead of their time it was like they came through a time warp. Their dreams of what this product could do to revolutionize the communication industry, their undying spirit, even their sketches prove they were on the right track — it was just the wrong time, in Silicon Valley tech’s infancy. Thank goodness they were also smart enough to document much of their journey on video, for us all to witness their brilliance!!
  • Wow

    By Anilsamoil
  • “In 1990 there was no digital telecommunications industry. It did not exist.”

    By ChromaticAberration
    This compelling film tells the story of the inventors of the smartphone decades before their time. Full of rare early footage of world tech leaders, the documentary is an inspiration to founders like myself. It’s a rollercoaster between making a dent in the universe, and the sacrifices that come with it. Reminiscent of “Pirates of Silicon Valley,” it’s set to spine tingling music that evokes the highs and lows of startup success and failure.