Lear's Shadow

Lear's Shadow

By Brian Elerding

  • Genre: Brian Elerding
  • Release Date: 2019-03-04
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 4min
  • Director: Brian Elerding
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99


Lear’s Shadow is an unflinching new independent film that puts audiences in the middle of a story of friendship and loss. The story begins in the days following an accident, as two good friends from a modern-day theater company cope with a shared loss, and repair their troubled relationship. As the two friends navigate their grief and friendship, they turn their frustration with each other into an argument about Shakespeare’s King Lear, acting out scenes to prove their points. Lear’s Shadow is at its heart a story that shows that the solution to many of life’s problems can be found in friendship and art. The film’s three stars, David Blue (“Eli Wallace” from Stargate: Universe, and “Cliff St. Paul” from Ugly Betty), Fred Cross (Arrested Development, The Last Ship, The Office), and newcomer Katie Peabody quickly pivot between Shakespeare’s original language and modern colloquial, written by the film’s director, Brian Elerding. Lear’s Shadow features plenty of Shakespeare, but is accessible to both the Shakespeare fan and skeptic.



  • A fan of the Play and the film!!

    By Mack L Fuel
    Now I have to be honest, I'm good friends with one of the actors. But... having seen the play and been blown away by the creativity and talent of the stage version. I was not suprised about how good they transitioned the story to film. It is a extremely well thought out and crafted story , and don't be afraid if Sheakespear scares you. there's a lot more to this film than King Lear and iambic pentameter, iIt's really about family and relationships and dealing with what comes along when you're least expecting it.
  • Accessible Shakespeare

    By herbuveaux
    I had the pleasure of seeing this live. So happy it's been made into a film, and the film adds a pensiveness to the pacing that enhances the story.
  • Delightful, intimate, lovely

    By RedRodeo1234
    Such a simple set up, but a truly enjoyable, authentic look at relationships. Don’t be put off if you don’t dig on Shakespeare; King Lear is just the backdrop to a story about people. Well written, well directed, and well performed. Check it out!
  • Fantastic Movie!

    By FlaEB
    I expected this to be a Shakespeare story, but was amazed that it was a deeply moving drama about life and relationships. The awesome, talented acting draws you in and keeps you guessing, and the powerful ending had me in tears.
  • Great movie!

    By FitFia6
    Wow! I was immediately drawn into the story. It’s such an emotional movie it had me speechless at the end.
  • Intimate and Powerful

    By HorsemanTNT
    Not an easy combination to pull off. The performances in this film are fantastic. It’s a really well written script that’s so interesting to see play out. I cannot praise this film enough. Well shot, well produced and brilliantly performed.
  • Intimate, heartbreaking, and spellbinding

    By waitingformolly
    I will admit to knowing one of the leads, but I am writing this not out of obligation but out of a sheer desire to spread the word of such a beautiful, intimate, tiny movie. And in today’s cinema landscape, “tiny” is a note seldom played. This is drama at its essence and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. At a brisk 1:04, it’s over before you realized what hit you... but man does it hit you. It combines Shakespeare and modern-day Los Angeles, not in stylized set pieces or wardrobe, but rather in the world of a dramatic rehearsal space... so the alchemy happens in front of your eyes. And in the eyes of the actors themselves.
  • Lear’s Shadow

    By Charnets
    What an amazing movie! All of the actors were great, and left me wanting a longer performance!
  • Lear’s Shadow, Wow!

    By alycas12
    A gripping Powerful heartbreaking movie! You think it’s a Shakespeare play, but it’s much more than that!
  • Take the chance

    By cre8ivest
    I got to see this in theaters, and if you get the chance to watch this, it is truly worth your time. Beautifully scored by composer Ryan Moore, and delivered by an intensely talented cast. The film’s simplicity besets the solid script and bold artistic choices in a way that few modern films do. This film will stay with you, long after the myriads of other forgettable movies are lost to memory. Lear’s Shadow respects the viewer, while encouraging them to experience the story with different, more organic cues — elevating the story with beautiful music and thoughtful light.