Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

By Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck

  • Genre: Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck
  • Release Date: 2019-03-08
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 2h 4min
  • Director: Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck
  • Production Company: Marvel Studios
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
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Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel takes you on a spectacular adventure from the 1990s, tracing the path of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) as she becomes one of the most powerful heroes in the universe. When a galactic war reaches Earth, she meets young agent Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) at the center of a maelstrom, leading to her ultimate destiny as an Avenger!




  • Awful

    By Kyle El
    Don’t waste your money or time on this movie. Worst marvel movie of the whole series. The only value we got from it was laughing at how terrible it was.
  • Brie Larson is amazing

    By Bfbx21
    The story could’ve used some work but Brie Larson was incredible
  • I Marvel it!!!!!!!!!

    By 16 HORSES
    Clearly we have our reservations over this! And there could have been better versions of Captain Marvel Maybe from Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt or Rosamund Pike Probably! For what my money was worth Brie Larson was not winning the Academy Award but her All Consuming presence I feel did Carol Danvers Justice! Totality Speaking Captain Marvel won’t be the best MCU movie in it’s 10+ year Movie history but I saw it as Great! I think Hardcore fanboys of the comic felt their expectations were not met with Larson! It’s 90’s Premise could be debated but I never really hated it! And the twist with the Kree Skrull confrontation was a shock though if you saw the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie is it really that much of a surprise that the Kree had an Alternate motive? Captain Marvel is in all her glory!!!
  • Not Worth It!

    By LegoFlix15
    This Is Without A Doubt The Worst Marvel Film Ever Made, Other Than Howard The Duck

    FRIDAY FEBRUARY 14 (2020)
  • Weakest in the Marvel Universe

    By myappleyourapple
    Ironic cuz she’s the “strongest”
  • Why the hate y’all are trash

    By amir is gay
    This movie, is an amazing film great actors great script and great scenery I truly loved this film and don’t know why it’s getting so much hate but for what.
  • Ya

    By Cali_mess
    Love it !!
  • iTunes lies I gave it 0 ⭐️

    By J2daAbner
    Saw this on the Disney+ app started watching it and 20 minutes in I had enough. Not only is this the worst marvel movie, this might be one of the worst movies ever. Talk about a horrible story, horrible villain and most of all the single worst super hero ever!!
  • 👍

    By Sluggo1313
    Great movie one of the best in the MCU